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Turn Your Standard Presentation Into Your Best Sales Tool

TechnologyOctober 19, 2010By

Turn Your Standard Presentation into Your Best Sales ToolEvery business cranks out a lot of presentations – probably more than they can count. But are these slide decks boosting branding, driving customer engagement, and increasing sales? Presentations are second only to email as the most commonly used business tool, yet most are static, one-way communications that often miss the mark.

SlideRocket.comChuck Dietrich, CEO of SlideRocket, joins Anita Campbell to discuss a few tips to help turn your presentations into the ultimate weapon in your sales and marketing arsenal.

Below are the questions we asked Chuck:

  • (2:08) First Chuck, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?
  • (4:19) So you went from aerospace engineering to starting a company about presentations?
  • (5:44) So SlideRocket is an alternative to using PowerPoint?  It’s a way to create more dynamic presentations, is that right?
  • (8:18) So with SlideRocket, for someone to be able to view the presentation, they need to be online, correct?
  • (9:17) One of the advantages is that you actually get analytical data, is that right?
  • (11:10) Can you run through other advantages for small businesses using SlideRocket compared with a more static presentation like PowerPoint?
  • (13:37) How do these features actually turn into sales?  What is the advantage when it comes to sales using SlideRocket?
  • (8:12) Would you say that most of your users are entrepreneurs and small businesses or more corporate types?
  • (19:55) What are some presentation tips you can offer?
  • (22:54) Are there sample presentations that present things in this way that you can either look at or buy?
  • (25:09) What other tips about presentations do you have, Chuck?
  • (27:49) How much does SlideRocket cost?
  • (28:39) Where can people find out more?

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2 Responses to “Turn Your Standard Presentation Into Your Best Sales Tool”

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  2. Martin Lindeskog Says:


    It was a very interesting interview with Chuck Dietrich. I will start using SlideRocket in the near future. I like that you could store the presentations online and you could use an embedded code so you could add the presentation to your web site.

    How would you compare and contrast SlideRocker with Prezi?

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