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Tidal Power and America’s Energy Future

EntrepreneursOctober 27, 2010By

Tidal Power and America's Energy FutureThere’s a renewable energy source out there – the ocean tides.  Ocean tides are predictable, you can literally set your watch to them.  They’re a natural part of the clockwork of the universe and all of the planets affect a tidal pattern that repeats itself.  Tidal power takes advantage of the lateral flow and best of all, produces no pollution.  

NaturalCurrents.comRoger Bason, President and Founder of Natural Currents Energy Services, a leading green technology company producing revolutionary systems for emerging renewable energy markets, discusses the future of ocean tidal power generation in the United States.

Below are the questions we asked Roger:

  • (2:28) First Roger, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background and how you came to be running a company harnessing ocean tides? 
  • (4:08) What is energy from the tides?  Can you explain how that works?  How do you take ocean tides and turn them into energy?
  • (5:42) How does that actually work?  Is it that simple?  What’s really involved?
  • (7:29) Can you tell us a bit about the ancient cross flow wind turbine used to generate power?
  • (9:14) So our forefathers had nothing over us when it came to renewable energy sources?
  • (9:52) Now back to the topic of renewable energy and where America gets it’s energy today.  What’s the situation today regarding how we use energy?  How does tidal power fit into that big picture?
  • (11:48) What are some of the pitt falls regarding an emerging energy technology company?  What’s it like to actually start a business like this to pick up on something such as tidal energy?
  • (14:48) What is your business doing in this market?  Are you creating the systems and equiment that others can buy that actually turn the tides into power?  What exactly do you sell and what stage are you at in your business?
  • (20:42) Who are the early adopters for technology such as yours that would harness tidal power?  Or early adopters of alternative forms of energy, in general?
  • (23:56) What roles does public relations play in this? 
  • (27:55) Any final wrap up comments you’d like to make, Roger?
  • (28:55) Where can people find out more?

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  3. Martin Lindeskog Says:

    It will be interesting to learn about how much power the tidal waves have. I remember I read an article on this in The Economist some time ago.

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