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How to Mobilize Productivity On iPhone and iPad Using FileMaker

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Ryan Rosenberg: How To Mobilize Productivity On iPhone and iPadThe iPad and iPhone are making inroads into business and, as a result, FileMaker Inc. has recently introduced the FileMaker Go app for iPhone and iPad.  FileMaker Go allows users to work remotely and companies can now accomplish a range of productivity tasks on their smart phone or tablet that include conducting inventory checks while in the warehouse, generating sales orders at a customer site, tracking shipping and receiving activities, checking in attendees onsite for an event, updating project status while traveling, adding research notes while in the field and more. 

FileMakerIn this episode, Ryan Rosenberg, Vice President of Marketing and Services for FileMaker, Inc., joins Anita Campbell to discuss the many ways to dramatically improve how productive your small business can be.

Below are the questions we asked Ryan:

  • (2:19) Ryan, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background and how you made it to FileMaker?
  • (3:03) Can you tell us a little bit about FileMaker?  What is FileMaker and what does the company FileMaker do?
  • (4:26) What kind of databases are these and how do small businesses use these databases?  Why do you think that’s better than having a spreadsheet to organize data?
  • (6:58) Once the information is in a FileMaker file, how do you extract that information and use it?
  • (8:57) So you have mentioned the capability to use FileMaker on a smartphone?  Can you use it to check information only or can you use it to enter information as well?  What can you do with that?
  • (11:12) Let’s talk about the growth of mobile apps and how small businesses are using those in general.  How is this changing the way small businesses are operating and do you see that they are actually adopting the use of the iPhone as more than a phone or simply a place to access social media?
  • (17:44) Do you need a technical person on staff to get started with FileMaker?
  • (19:30) And the app itself and the mobile devices, is that just as easy?
  • (20:56) Are there some 3rd party plugins that work with this FileMaker app?
  • (22:24) What do you see as the future of small businesses using apps on the iPhone and iPad?  Do you see it growing and taking new directions?
  • (25:13) Is FileMaker a software as a service or are you buying a license to the software?
  • (26:36) Can you do a final wrap up for us?
  • (27:09) Where can people can find out more?

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