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Entrepreneurship: A Viable Solution to Career Transition

Deborah ShaneDeborah Shane launched her business in 2007, as a solution to a thoughtful, voluntary career transition from a 20 year career in broadcast radio.  Unemployment is currently running high and Deborah feels that entrepreneurship is a viable solution to a career transition.

Career Transition - Make The ShiftDeborah Shane, Author of Career Transition – Make The Shift,” and Founder of Train with Shane, joins Anita Campbell to share her story, tips and lessons she has learned about entrepreneurship in a challenging business environment and how exciting and fulfilling it can be.

Below are the questions we asked Deborah:

  • (2:29) Deborah, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background and how you came to make that transition?
  • (5:44) When you first started out, were you doing sales training?
  • (8:06) Is that because it’s a resort area with second homes?
  • (9:27) What exactly made you want to write the book?
  • (13:48) Sometimes people get into ruts.  How does someone know that it’s time to change or it’s time to reinvent yourself and make a career transition?  Or do you have to be pushed into it?
  • (17:26) What else can you tell us about that?
  • (22:16) How do you get in touch with what your key skills are?  Can you give us an overview of what that process would involve?
  • (25:10) How do you know, when you’re making a career transition, whether to go for another job or start a business?
  • (28:17) Where can people find out more?

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