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Protect Your Startup from Cybercriminals

Gary MullenCybercriminals, like all predators, gravitate towards the weakest targets. With an arsenal of easily-distributed malware at their fingertips, hackers can infect your office with malware that will wipe out your machines, steal the financial data of your customers, or worse, hijack bank transactions. For your startup or small business, an incident like this could spell financial ruin.

Kaspersky LabGary Mullen, Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Kaspersky Lab, joins Anita Campbell to share his five tips to protect your business from cybercrime hackers, malware infestations, accidental loss of data and malicious or inadvertent catastrophes.

Below are the questions we asked Gary:

  • (3:05) Gary, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background and how did you come to end up at Kaspersky Lab?
  • (5:08) Where do these threats come from?  It used to be that the typical hacker was a teenager, living with his parents, that participated in this behavior for fun.  Is that the profile of a cybercriminal today? 
  • (6:23) Can you put us in the thought process of a cybercriminal and why they would want to come after our businesses?
  • (8:25) Why is Kaspersky Lab attempting to specifically address this small business segment?
  • (10:51) Can you give us a few examples of a small business that’s been a victim of cybercrime?  What happened and how did they deal with it?
  • (13:02) Can you tell us about, for example, stealing customer data?  What can happen there?
  • (16:00) If you had to pick one thing as the single biggest challenge a small business faces regarding security, what would that be?
  • (17:24) So you can have a great tool, but if you don’t know how to use it, it’s the equivalent of having no tool at all, would that be correct?
  • (18:26) Where is a good place for a small business to start when thinking about security?
  • (20:33) Can you give the 5 tips you’d like to share?  What are the 5 things you would recommend to protect your business from cybercriminals?
  • (25:34) Very small offices often have people who work out of their homes, or on their own computers, and may be hooking into your network.  How do you manage in that situation?   
  • (28:10) What are the key products that Kaspersky Labs has for small businesses?
  • (29:31) You even have a product for mobile security and smart phones, correct?
  • (30:02) Where can people find out more?

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2 Responses to “Protect Your Startup from Cybercriminals”

  1. Ramiro Rodriguez Says:

    I was infected by malware just by clicking on a link. It took me 3 hours to fix my computer.

    Those people are a pain in the butt.

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    […] Security – As our reach to the whole world gets smaller because of the internet, so does the reach of unscrupulous individuals. Cybercriminals are constantly on the prowl and small business owners are not exempted from being victims. A simple malware can cause havoc in your company. One might argue that they would not of course give out sensitive information about their company but who is to say that a seemingly innocent post could trigger a technical attack? It is imperative therefore to ensure that there is a plan in place for protection against cybercriminals. […]

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