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Business Tools: Working In The Cloud

TechnologyAugust 2, 2011By

Ray Grainger of MavinlinkThe emerging “Cloud Workforce” – the segment of the workforce that works virtually, operating their businesses in the online cloud. It’s no secret that this new way of working requires new types of tools, systems and processes to maintain a competitive advantage.

MavinlinkRay Grainger, CEO of Mavenlink, joins Anita Campbell to discuss these tools and processes. Ray’s expertise stems from both the client side as well as the business management side and he’s going to share this expertise with you.

Below are the questions we asked Ray:

  • (2:03) Ray, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?
  • (3:04) What exactly does Mavenlink do?
  • (4:26) So you’re helping businesses run projects by providing this online tool called Mavenlink, is that correct?
  • (5:20) Is there a particular “sweet spot” that Mavenlink is designed to handle really well?  A certain type of project or a certain type of industry?
  • (7:40) Is there a size of business or type of outside service provider that Mavenlink is really good for, or does it cover a broad range?
  • (8:47) What does the landscape look like for project management tools?  What does this industry look like?
  • (12:33) Do you see any changes in the way that cloud apps will be rolled out in the future?  Are you seeing more and more applications moving to more of an online model?
  • (14:48) Do you also see strategic partnerships growing?  Rather than reinventing the wheel, wouldn’t it make sense for some of them to integrate and partner?
  • (18:28) How many users of Mavenlink are there and what are your plans moving forward?
  • (19:32) Do you have any plans to make this multi-lingual at some point or for the foreseeable future, are you going to stick with English?
  • (21:11) You mentioned Google Translate.  Do you think it’s a mature enough application to work into the process of localizing a language?
  • (23:12) What makes Mavenlink unique in your opinion?
  • (25:36) What would you like to leave our listeners with when it comes to working in the cloud and picking tools to make you much more efficient working in the cloud?

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