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How Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google Have Redefined Business

TechnologyOctober 18, 2011By

Phil SimonCompanies like Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google are doing things that collectively, they could not do individually – they are creating dynamic platforms that are stable – yet in motion.

The Age of The PlatformPhil Simon, Author of “The Age of the Platform: How Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google Have Redefined Business,” joins Anita Campbell and Brent Leary for an in-depth discussion of how platforms like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google have redefined how we do business.

Below are the questions we asked Phil:

  • (2:12) Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background and how you came to write your book?
  • (4:40) What do you call a platform?  What makes these four companies a platform?
  • (6:18) You mentioned planks.  What is a plank then, specifically?
  • (7:46) It’s like each of these planks make up your platform to stand on, correct?
  • (8:51) You were an IT consultant, correct?
  • (9:07) Was that a big switch to make?
  • (10:47) So we have these four companies, are these what you would call the “gang of four” is that right?
  • (11:17) Can you tell us a little bit more about how they’ve embraced these platform strategies?  And can you identify why a company like Twitter doesn’t fall in with these four?
  • (14:22) You mentioned Amazon, they have been around since the early 90’s and are now leading the way.  Can you tell us what some of the lessons that people can learn from Amazons approach to this area?
  • (17:41) Can you talk a bit about Facebook and Google+?  Do you think that there’s going to be one platform to rule the world, or specific instances where people are going to have to figure out the right mix on using these platforms?
  • (19:55) You mentioned MicroSoft.  Do they play a role in your definition of platforms?
  • (21:40) Are there other companies that maybe aren’t that well known that are putting together some impressive platforms out there?
  • (23:31) What are some of the ways that small businesses can leverage these platforms to create their own platforms?
  • (25:26) What do you see a year or two from now in terms of the developments of these platforms?  What are some things that small businesses need to know to leverage these platforms for their own small businesses?
  • (28:56) Where can people find out more about the book?

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