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Get Your Media Groove On

Gayl MurphyIn these changing times, the need to be seen and heard above the roar of the crowd is far more challenging than ever before. What small business owners need are the same cost-effective, targeted media tactics and interview techniques that successful businesses use. Some of the most valuable business and marketing skills today are navigating the media; getting past the gatekeepers, creating sound bites that go viral and creating pitches that “get the word out” about who you are and what you do.

Interview TacticsGayl Murphy, Founder of Interview Tactics joins Anita Campbell to share how to “tell it to sell it,” what the media wants from you, the four questions you will always be asked by gatekeepers, why sound bites are crucial and translating your story into media language.

Below are the questions we asked Gayl:

  • (1:43) Gayl, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background and how you got into this business?
  • (3:55) You’ve interviewed 15,000 people?
  • (4:31) Why are interview tactics important?  Can you explain?
  • (6:48) Are small business owners ready for this?
  • (10:17) How can you prepare for an interview?
  • (14:21) If you had to point to one or two things to create a memorable, killer interview, what would those be?
  • (16:45) When you find you’re ready to do media events, does this take a lot of preparation to get yourself ready?
  • (18:21) Can you talk about what the interviewers goal is and how it can differ depending on the show, interviewer, etc.?
  • (21:58) What is the most memorable sound bit you can think of?
  • (24:06) Where can people find out more?
  • (25:26) Any final comments before we close?

* * * * *

Listen to Gayl’s interview now by clicking the red and yellow player below

One Response to “Get Your Media Groove On”

  1. Martin Lindeskog Says:

    Gayl is a bundle of energy! Great inspiration for my new podcasting interviews! 🙂

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