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A Fortune 500 Impression On A Small Business Budget

davidweiss.jpg When you visit your competitors web sites, you may find yourself thinking, “Wow. If I could only incorporate high quality graphics and video clips into my web site. . .”

This thought may then be followed by a fear of the expense and knowledge required that accompanies these high quality graphics and video clips.

Our featured guests in this episode, Bruce Livingstone, CEO & Founder of iStockphoto, along with Lesa Snider King, host of The Graphic Secrets for Business, will discuss creative imagery solutions that won’t break the bank.

Additionally, learn how the artistic crowd among us can use iStockphoto to make extra money by becoming a contributor.

Here’s a sampling from the episode:

  • Micro-payment Plan. This plan allows the user to purchase credits and receive bonus credits. If 50 credits are purchased, 5 bonus credits are earned. The 55 credits can then be used to purchase images, video and still shots.
  • Affordability for Small Businesses Owners. With many images offered from $1 to $20, small business owners can afford to create a Fortune 500 impression on their web sites, brochures and presentations.
  • Make Money by Becoming a Contributor. Join the ranks of approximately 30,000 photographers and videographers currently contributing imagery. Become a contributor, make extra money, and share your artistic passion.

Today’s Trend: In addition to the above points, please stay tuned at the end of the program to the Today’s Trend segment. The Today’s Trend for this episode is: How To Properly Apply Trends To Your Business. Anita examines the application of recent trends to your small business. Knowing what to do and how to make it work is important. Avoid getting caught up in the thrill just because you can. Knowing how to keep customer satisfaction in check is critical.

About Bruce Livingstone, Founder & CEO of iStockphoto

Bruce Livingstone is the founder and CEO of iStockphoto. Born in Montreal, but raised in Calgary, Alberta, he is a serial entrepreneur who has started several businesses, including the still thriving Evolvs Media, a design firm, and Webcore Labs, which offers professional Linux Web hosting. Bruce got his start in design at Image Club Graphics, where he was a mail clerk, and learned design on his own time. When his job was replaced by a machine, Bruce proposed heading up an initiative to sell over the Internet. Company managers thought it was interesting, but were unsure it would work. Luckily, Bruce didn’t agree or forget.

A few years later, Bruce began iStockphoto by creating a Web site to share 1,600 of his own images. Today, iStockphoto is the world’s first, largest and most innovative community marketplace for digital imagery and video, with more than one million members worldwide and an ever-growing image and video collection, with images priced starting at $1 and video clips starting at $5. Bruce sold iStockphoto to Getty Images in February 2006, but remains at the helm of, where he is affectionately known online as “bitter.”

To learn more, visit the iStockphoto website iStockphoto.

About Lesa King, Founder & CEO of Graphic Reporter

As the founder of the free creative tutorial web site, Graphic Reporter, and chief evangelist for, Lesa is on a mission to teach the world to create better graphics. She writes for the National Association of Photoshop Professionals,, Macworld Magazine, and Layers Magazine.

Lesa is also New York Times technology columnist David Pogue’s personal assistant, and the production editor/graphics goddess of his Missing Manual series. You can catch her “Graphics Secrets for Business,” every week at istockphoto.

To learn more, visit the Graphic Reporter website Graphic Reporter.

Recorded: November 28, 2006 ——————–Duration: 51:28 minutes

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