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Ramon Ray & Brent Leary The Technology You NEED in 2008 (and the stuff to avoid)
Ramon Ray and Brent Leary
Ramon and Brent explain which technology to spend your money on – and which technology is best to avoid.
December 20, 2007. 30 minutes.
Ginny Hutchinson Internet Phone Calls – VoIP’s Impact On Small Business
Ginny Hutchinson, CMO of Speakeasy
How are businesses using VoIP and what are the cost advantages of switching to it? Ginny explains.
December 18, 2007. 30 minutes.
Zane Safrit In The Face of Doom, One Company Finds Success
Zane Safrit, CEO of Conference Calls Unlimited
Zane’s company overcame the darkness by thinking outside the box and shifting perspectives. Hear his story of success.
December 11, 2007. 30 minutes.
Lee Eldridge How To Maximize Your Corporate Christmas Gifts Impact
Lee Eldridge, President of Absorbent, Ink.
Don’t really see the need to send corporate Holiday gifts this year? Lee suggests that you may want to rethink that.
December 4, 2007. 30 minutes.
Dawn Rivers Baker Small Business Health Care Update
Dawn Rivers Baker, Publisher of The MicroEnterprise Journal
Are small business owners any closer to getting relief from escalating health care costs? Dawn provides some answers.
November 27, 2007. 30 minutes.
John Munsell 10 Things CEOs Should Know About Web Design
John Munsell, CEO of Bizzuka
Did you know that customers will size up your website within first 52 milliseconds? John explains how to invite them in.
November 20, 2007. 30 minutes.
CD Vann How to Start a Print Magazine With No Money
CD Vann, Founder of Soho Business Magazine
CD started Soho Business Magazine in 2005 with a few dollars and a 3-year old Mac computer. Hear how she did it.
November 13, 2007. 30 minutes.
Tim Berry Plan As You Go Business Planning
Tim Berry, Founder and President, Palo Alto Software
Tim shares many insights and observations into creating and managing a living, breathing business plan for your company.
November 6, 2007. 45 minutes.
Ranjith Kumaran Eliminate Hassles and Expenses Sending Large Files
Ranjith Kumaran, Founder of YouSendIt
Learn how to avoid email bounce-backs, replace the use of FTP sites and avoid overnight couriers for media like CD’s.
October 30, 2007. 45 minutes.
Tim Knox Are You a Natural Entrepreneur?
Tim Knox, of the Tim Knox Show
Do you have what it takes to follow your dreams and become a successful entrepreneur? Find out now.
October 23, 2007. 45 minutes.
Steve King What Small Business Owners Want
Steve King, Institute for the Future
It’s a time of changing trends and Steve provides insights into the ever-changing world of small businesses.
October 16, 2007. 45 minutes.
Wayne Hurlbert How To Avoid Being A Clueless Manager
Wayne Hurlbert, Founder of BlogBusinessWorld
With a sense of humor and a tad of sarcasm, Wayne spells out the issues that may make a manager look “clueless.”
October 9, 2007. 45 minutes.
Matthew Mogul Small Business Forecast for 2008
Matthew Mogul, Kiplinger Business Forecast
Matthew provides insights for the coming year and discusses a variety of issues that may have an effect on small businesses.
October 2, 2007. 45 minutes.
George Langan Stop Spreadsheet Anarchy
George Langan, CEO of Expresso
George sheds light on how to collaborate with others in multiple locations over a single Excel spreadsheet.
September 25, 2007. 45 minutes.
Lisa Jarrett How A Mompreneur Took A Product Global
Lisa Jarrett, CEO of BabyPlus
The inspirational story of one woman who “liked the product so much, she bought the business” and made it a success.
September 18, 2007. 45 minutes.
Paul Johnston Putting The Whiz Into Small Business Software
Paul Johnston, President and CEO of Entellium
Video and PC Gaming have something in common with today’s business world and Entellium has made the connection.
September 11, 2007. 45 minutes.
Stephanie Chandler Promoting Your Business Through Content
Stephanie Chandler, Founder of Business Info Guide
Stephanie provides guidance on using information to market your business globally and build awareness and credibility.
September 4, 2007. 45 minutes.
Jay Levy Ensuring The Safety & Productivity Of Your Employees
Jay Levy, Founder and President, Trueview Services
Jay provides insights into the importance of providing safety, security and privacy to employees and reducing liability.
August 28, 2007. 45 minutes.
Shirley Frazier Five Places To Find Cash For Your Business
Shirley Frazier, CMO, Solo Business Marketing
Shirley offers five often-overlooked sources of cash — and some don’t even need to be repaid!
August 21, 2007. 45 minutes.
Michelle Anton How To Juggle Your Day Job With Your Small Business
Michelle Anton, Founder of
Insights on how to juggle moonlighting and make money using little-known businesses while working 9 to 5.
August 14, 2007. 45 minutes.
Marc Meyer When Conversation is Everywhere – A Way to Keep Track
Marc Meyer, Co-Founder of Activeweave, Inc.
Marc shares secrets we guarantee you have not heard before about using RSS to gain competitive advantage.
August 7, 2007. 45 minutes.
Adi Sideman Virtual Talking Characters Can Add To Your Bottom Line
Adi Sideman, CEO of Oddcast
Adi provides tips on how to take advantage of technology and increase your sales conversions with a virtual talking character.
July 31, 2007. 45 minutes.
Chris Curtis Overcoming Being Lazy, Scared or Stupid
Rory Wilfong, Co-Founder of
Tips and insights to help you deal with crisis to overcome the obstacles of business ownership.
July 24, 2007. 45 minutes.
Chris Curtis Pricing Strategies To Help You Earn What You Deserve
Maria Marsala, Founder of Elevating Your Business
Are you earning what you rightfully deserve? Set smart prices in your business to build the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of.
July 17, 2007. 45 minutes.
Chris Curtis 5 Steps to Getting Over Yourself
Chris Curtis, Founder of Web Business Ownership, LLC
Negativity can affect your personal and business relationships. Chris can help you to strengthen your self esteem.
July 10, 2007. 45 minutes.
SBA Administrator Recent SBA Developments Affecting Your Business
Steven Preston, Administrator of the SBA
A discussion on recent reforms, disaster assistance, loan programs, and free counseling services offered at the SBA.
June 26, 2007. 45 minutes.
Sam Peery What Every Business Should Know About Credit CardsTranscript Available
Samuel Peery, Vice President of Marketing, Propay, Inc.
Every small business should accept credit cards. Listen to find out why you may be losing sales.
June 19, 2007. 45 minutes.
Laura Allen How To Create The Perfect 15-Second Pitch
Laura Allen, Co-Founder of
Create a 15-second pitch for your business to attract that investor or partner.
June 12, 2007. 45 minutes.
Wil Schroter How To Assemble Your Startup Team
Wil Schroter, Founder and CEO of Go Big Network
How to find qualified talent to assemble your startup team — who may work for equity.
June 5, 2007. 45 minutes.
Joe Beaulaurier Use Online Press Releases To Get Prospects
Joe Beaulaurier, Interactive Marketing Manager, PRWeb
Press releases now have an extensive reach. Hear what they can do for you and your business.
May 29, 2007. 45 minutes.
Kira Wampler Why Intuit Helps You with More than Just Your Books
Kira Wampler, Community Leader of
Check out’s FREE resources available to help you promote and grow your business.
May 22, 2007. 45 minutes.
Wally Adamchik Incorporating Marine Leadership Skills Into Business
Wally Adamchik, Founder of Fire Starting Speaking
What do the U.S. Marines know that enables them to be such successful leaders on duty as well as in the civilian sector?
May 15, 2007. 45 minutes.
David Friend The Year of PC Backup For Small Business
David Friend, CEO of Carbonite
It’s a fact that data disaster looms. Your hard drive could crash, your laptop could be stolen or lost. Are you prepared?
May 8, 2007. 45 minutes.
Tara-Nicholle Nelson How To Be A Successful Mompreneur
Tara-Nicholle Nelson, (RE)
If you are a woman who has considered mompreneurship, Tara provides inspiration and valuable insight to achieve your goal.
May 1, 2007. 45 minutes.
Brent Leary How To Get Customers To Find YOU
Brent Leary, Partner of CRM Essentials
Finding, catching, and keeping customers – gain access to Brent’s valuable insights to increase your visibility online.
April 24, 2007. 45 minutes.
Jerry Hart How to Put Personality Into Websites, Emails And Blogs
Jerry Hart, CEO of Hart Creative Marketing, Inc.
Jerry shares tips on how injecting a little dose of personality into your website, blog and emails helps to build reader rapport.
April 17, 2007. 45 minutes.
Eric Shoup Tips To Design And Manage An eCommerce Web Site
Eric Shoup, Director of ProStores, Inc.
Eric shares valueable tips for small business owners to build and manage a successful eCommerce Web site.
April 10, 2007. 45 minutes.
Sharad Mehta 10 Tips For Buying And Selling A Small Business
Sharad Mehta, President of Tannenbaum & Aalok
So you’ve thought about selling your business after spending a great deal of time and energy building it up?
April 3, 2007. 45 minutes.
Edward Rogoff Think, Listen & Speak Like an Entrepreneur
Edward G. Rogoff, Professor at the Zicklin School of Business
Conversations have increasingly become the foundation of all successful business interactions.
March 27, 2007. 45 minutes.
Linda Finkle The Cream Of The Crop-Hiring From A Place Of Strength
Linda Finkle, CEO and Founder of Incedo Group
What’s the real key to hiring effectively? A candidate’s skills or experience are not all that you should focus on.
March 20, 2007. 45 minutes.
Anna Farmery Self Development On A Shoestring
Anna Farmery, Chief Motivator of The Engaging Brand
Develop your own potential with little time and budget through the engagement of people and technology.
March 13, 2007. 45 minutes.

Michael Rozbruch

Tax Pitfalls You Could Face As A Small Business Owner
Michael Rozbruch, CEO of Tax Resolution Services
Starting your own small business can be an exciting venture but there are several things you should know first.
March 6, 2007. 45 minutes.
Erik Luhrs How To Reduce Stress On The Job – The Easy Way
Erik Luhrs, President of BOOM, Inc.
Shedding few tears may be worth a million dollars and stress can be eliminated through a few small steps towards balance.
February 27, 2007. 45 minutes.
David Sandusky How To Plan, Manage and Brand Your Career
David Sandusky, CEO and Founder of Your Brand, LLC.
David shares his concept, which is similar to a business plan, but is a business plan for people.
February 20, 2007. 45 minutes.
Shara Karasic How to Increase Your Online Visibility Using
Shara Karasic, Community Manager of
Increase your online visibility with the new business community and learn how to make the most of this new site.
February 13, 2007. 45 minutes.
Paul McCord Gaining and Maintaining “Top of Mind” Client Awareness
Paul McCord, Author, Sales Trainer, and Business Coach
Paul offers tips and advice to develop a marketing message that won’t waste your client’s time or enable them to forget you.
February 6, 2007. 45 minutes.
David Koretz David And Goliath – SMBs Can Beat The Web 2.0 Giants
David Koretz, CEO and President of BlueTie
Learn how to exploit the advantages of being a small business to compete against large corporations.
January 30, 2007. 45 minutes.
Thomas Raef Why Hackers Love Small BusinessesTranscript Available
Thomas Raef, Founder of e-Based Security
Cyber criminals will break into your network and steal sensitive data. Offers practical tips to protect your systems.
January 23, 2007. 45 minutes.
Jackie Huba Citizen Marketers – When People Are The Message
Jackie Huba, Author and word-of-mouth expert
Jackie explains how Citizen Marketers are using social media, blogs, and networking to become the new centers of influence.
January 16, 2007. 45 minutes.
Lloyd Chapman Government Contracting For Small Biz, Real or Illusion?
Lloyd Chapman, Founder of ASBL
When it comes to government small business contracting, your competitors are some of the largest companies in the world.
January 9, 2007. 45 minutes.

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