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Build Twitter Followers: Dish the Goods

Dish Out The GoodsIt’s time to start “dishing out the goods” on Twitter. After all, people are hungry.

I tend to think of this concept in feline terms. Take stray cats for instance. If you leave a bowl of food on the porch (and you don’t see ANY cats around) – a week later, you notice one or two lingering. Keep that up and 4 weeks later, you’ll have a dozen of them swirling around you.

Where did they come from? You never actually saw them, but low and behold, there they are!

To properly “dish the goods” it may be necessary to set up a feed reader like Google Reader. That way, you can subscribe to your favorite blog and site feeds and view them all in one place like email. Then, sift through and start to link to relevant studies, articles, blogs and reports in your Twitter updates.  Your followers will love you for it. They, too, will share it with their followers and well . . . you get the picture. 

Begin to position yourself as someone who “dishes the goods” and watch your followers increase before your very eyes.  Here kitty, kitty, kitty. . .

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