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Build Twitter Followers: Follow Friday

Follow FridaySomething really interesting has developed on Twitter and it has been coined “Follow Friday.” Twitter users have chosen Friday as a day to give thanks to┬áthose that have retweeted their updates throughout the week and to shed a spotlight on some of their favorite tweeps.

Every Friday, you should begin to participate by tweeting @ all of those that have retweeted your posts throughout the week and all of those whose updates you find useful and would like to highlight.

To participate, simply tweet something along the lines of, “#Follow Friday: @smallbiztrends, @sannwood, @BrentLeary, @gotocasnet, @myfindsonline – Thanks for the RT’s!”

And that’s it – that’s all it takes and you’re now a participant of Follow Fridays. (We’ve used a hashtag# here and we’ll get into that a bit later so keep reading.) What’s really great about this Twitter trend is that it works – it truly does build followers. Spreading positive vibes can really work wonders and Follow Friday’s are a great way to give thanks and spread the love.

It’s becoming such a popular trend – it’s spreading to blogs as well. Now, onto that hashtag# thing . . . .

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