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Build Twitter Followers: Link it Up

Retweet Good GossipAfter you’ve created your Twitter account, one of the best ways to promote it is to “link it up.”

Place your Twitter profile url anywhere and everywhere you can – LinkedIn, Facebook, your blog or web site, Digg, MySpace, within your email signature, forum signatures – you get the picture.

After all, how is anyone supposed to benefit from the great content your sharing if they can’t find you?

To promote your Twitter account, go to your profile page and copy the url at the top of the page that’s showing in your browser bar. It should look something like this, “” That’s your Twitter account url – now all you have to do is promote it.

Sites like Facebook even offer a Twitter application that places your Twitter updates onto your Facebook profile. Download the application and – Voila’! All of your friends on Facebook are now privy to your updates on Twitter as well.

Now you’re getting it – keep everyone in the loop!

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