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Build Twitter Followers: Question

Twitter ConversationConversation is key on Twitter and your participation is required. One of the best ways to start a discussion on Twitter is to ask a question. You’d be surprised at how many will chime in when given the opportunity to do so. This works to your advantage because everytime someone replies to you, your Twitter username is broadcast in the feeds of others.

The exposure that this can give you can be well into the tens of thousands.

It works like this: target 20 people and ask them a question using “@TheirUserName” so they’ll receive the message. Wait for their response. When you’ve received the 20 replies (and hopefully all will participate), their reply to you has also shown up in THEIR feed. That means that all of THEIR followers have the ability to read and join in. Even if only a handful do, that handful could amount to 5, 10, 15 new followers – and who knows how many more will catch up and follow later.

But don’t be generic. Pick an interesting, timely topic related to your small business or industry and question people for their opinions or ideas, start a book discussion or take a more personal approach and pick something slightly controversial (without offending anyone, of course) – a “hot button topic.” People have personal opinions about sensitive matters and, most times, are passionate about their beliefs. But DO NOT be inciteful – just be curious – ask people for their personal opinions and express a true, sincere interest in their personal beliefs. You can learn a lot about people this way and make some great common interest connections.

Many times, the response may be so overwhelming or so surprising that you can even use your findings to spin off a great blog post from it, too. Which leads me to my next (and final) tip . . .

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