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Build Twitter Followers: Retweet

Retweet Good GossipGossip spreads like wildfire and on Twitter – there is such a thing as good gossip. If you can provide valuable information and interesting reads, others will gossip about it. Connecting, sharing and learning is what Twitter is all about and what better way to do so than to share what you’ve learned from others – with others.

Let’s face it, as interesting as you think you may be . . . not many people care about what you had for breakfast this morning. But they do care about valuable news, the latest trends and free tools and resources. So be of assistance to them in obtaining that sought after information. If you’ve received it and found it useful, by all means, gossip about it and pass it along. (This is how this thing works, folks.)

Here’s an example of a retweet: “RT @smallbiztrends: Join us on Small Business Trends Radio every Tuesday at 1:30PM EST.”

On your profile page sidebar you’ll see something that says “@YourUserName.” Click on that link to discover all of the Twits out there retweeting your posts. Now, you can spread the love by retweeting one of theirs. Just make sure it contains valuable information that others will find useful.

If your Tweeps like what they’re seeing . . . they’ll surely begin gossiping (retweeting) about it, too, and this can bring lots of love back to your perch.

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