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Build Twitter Followers: Use Hashtags

Use Twitter HashtagsUsing what is called a hashtag can be very beneficial to building followers on Twitter by giving you and your business additional visibility to those who are not currently following you.

When you use a hastag, you allow people to search by topic and locate your tweets – even if they’re not a current follower. Nice, huh? It certainly is, and you and your small business can take advantage of this neat little function.

Here’s an example of a hashtag tweet: “#SmallBusiness: Join us on Small Business Trends Radio every Tuesday at 1:30PM EST.”

To see the benefits of doing so, on Twitter use the “Search” button at the bottom of your profile page and search “small business.” When you do so, you should see all tweets using the hashtag “small business” appear.

When you use a hashtag relating to your industry or small business, anyone with similar interests or involvement in the same industry can now connect with you, too!

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