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Fast Forward Business Through Intelligent Networking

billjula.jpgMany business professionals have struggled to find ways to market themselves and their businesses. Most likely, many have tried networking via participation in online forums and communities only to receive limited results.

Companies that effectively combine traditional networking tactics, such as leads groups or chambers of commerce, with new forms of connecting through online communities, such as forums and discussion boards, are driving word of mouth at a faster rate than at any time in history.

In this episode our featured guest, Bill Jula, Founder & CEO of Fast Pitch, shares his concept of Intelligent Networking and offers a new network source for small business professionals that can be utilized to maximize their online marketing efforts.

The following are just some of the key points from this show:

  • Several different types on online networking exist. Online social networking is a tool which can be used to sell yourself to locate employment. The online communities such as chats, forums and discussion boards can be used to locate advice. Traditional lead groups can be used to purchase or share leads to acquire new clientele.
  • Fast Pitch offers another source of online networking for business professionals. It is the “eHarmony for business.” By creating a profile that states what it is that you do and who you intend to connect with, Fast Pitch categorizes your business and matches you to potential clientele that have answered their profile questions similarly. Thus providing results that have been channeled down to the end result that you were looking for.
  • The most successful networking comes from a combination of highly structured online sites offering networking services along with offline networking in the form of face to face events that continue to have a place in the marketing world.

Today’s Trend: In addition to the above points, please stay tuned at the end of the program to the Today’s Trend segment. The Today’s Trend for this episode is: Using Content Oriented Ads To Increase Sales. Today’s Trend explores the use of these new forms of advertisement which constantly have updated content fed to them that is pulled from news feed headlines or blog headlines. Readers tend to see these ads as containing useful content rather than a simple advertisement and today’s technology makes it possible for small business owners on a limited budget to make use of them.

Recorded: November 7, 2006

Duration: 53.29 minutes

About Bill Jula, Founder & CEO, Fast Pitch

Bill is a pioneer in connecting business professionals across multiple industries. As founder of the first nationwide speed networking business and now managing the fastest growing business networking destination on the Internet, Bill continues to create innovative ways for people to do business in a more efficient and effective manner. As a networking evangelist, Bill travels throughout the United States and works with business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals to build the basic principals behind his system of Intelligent Networking.

Through Bill’s leadership, FastPitch has become the number one destination site for small businesses to network and market their business in-person and over the Internet. Over the past year, FastPitch has facilitated over 1.5 Million connections between businesses across the United States.

For more on Bill Jula, visit Fast Pitch.

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