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Turn Your Website Into a 24-Hour Cash Machine

Mark Widawer, landing page expertMark Widawer of is the guest of host Anita Campbell on this episode of Small Business Trends Radio. They have an in-depth discussion about web landing pages and how to use them to exponentially increasing your online sales.

I am sure you have experienced a landing page; you click on a link in an email or on a Google search that takes you to a page that attempts to sell you something. Usually they are quite long with all kinds of testimonials, opportunities to purchase or sometimes just to sign up for a free report or something. I know I have signed up for many free reports and probably purchased something at least a dozen times on such pages.

In this show you will hear Mark define all the components of what makes a landing page work. He shares specific numbers about return on investment of your online advertising dollars. The best part is that getting started is affordable for even the smallest of enterprises. You will learn more about:

  • What is pay per click advertising and how do you get started?
  • What exactly is a ‘landing page’ and what is unique about them?
  • What is Google Adwords and why should you care?
  • What are top 3 mistakes small businesses make with online ads?

Additional highlights of this show include the Today’s Trend segment, “Advertising Dollars are Moving Online.” Enjoy!

About Mark Widawer

Mark Widawer is an Internet Marketer and Google Adwords Qualified Professional. Mark’s AskAboutAdwords programs help Adwords users learn more about the right ways to run Adwords effectively, and his Keyword TurboCharger keyword program help users discover new traffic for their websites and those elusive one-penny clicks that you often hear about but seldom see.

Mark has been working on the internet and with electronic commerce since 1995, when he was with the Los Angeles Times, and he ran his first pay-per-click marketing campaigns in 2003. He failed miserably.

Since then he has studied with Perry Marshall and other top marketers, practiced, and became incredibly successful at creating a system for running Pay Per Click campaigns that focuses on predictive keyword creation, compelling ad copy, effective landing pages, and extreme and constant measurement and testing.

Mark and his staff help their clients by managing their Adwords campaigns in his Autopilot program, or he Coaches his clients in his Copilot Coaching program, and something brand new which he is going to go public with in January or February of 2006.

Perry Marshall, Alex Mandossian, and David Garfinkel all refer clients to Mark and his team, with good reason. Mark has many websites related to internet marketing, but to learn more about Mark you can start with and or

Recorded: May 2, 2006

Duration: 60 minutes

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