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Event Marketing – Getting the Best Bang for the Buck

Event marketing can be a very powerful way for a small business to gain new qualified prospects and customers. Yet, events can be fraught with risks and become a spending sinkhole.Michael Plummer of

The first and most important element when considering whether to use tradeshows in your marketing mix is to clearly define and understand your target market. Then, and only then, can you match the event attendees to your market definition.

Our featured guest today, Robert Levin, Founder, Publisher, and Editor of the New York Enterprise Report has joined us to discuss these and many other ways how to improve your ‘Event’ marketing results.

Here is a sampling from the show:

  • How many people do you need to man the booth? Never leave a booth unattended.
  • How should your employees conduct themselves at an event? They need to be out in front of the booth, not behind it. Additionally, they need to approach people who slow down when walking by the booth and engage them in a non-threatening way in a conversational tone.
  • What kind of signage do you need? Just like with an advertisement, focus on signs that convey benefits to your customer.
  • Should you use collaterals and giveaways? Used in the right way, collaterals or giveaways can serve an important purpose. Given out indiscriminately they are just a waste of your hard-earned money.

Recorded: August 15, 2006
Duration: 54:45 minutes

About Robert Levin

Mr. Levin is the founder, editor and publisher of the New York Enterprise Report. The Report, which is the only media exclusively serving the NYC metro area small business market, is relied upon by over 20,000 decision makers at growing businesses. Rob has a strong passion for leveraging his experience to assist small and middle market businesses that began in public accounting and developed as an executive (CEO, CFO) in several businesses in a variety of industries. A certified public accountant, Mr. Levin earned his BS from SUNY Albany and an MBA from The Anderson School at UCLA. In 2006, Rob was named Small Business Journalist of the Year by the SBA’s NY District.

Learn more by visiting the website home of the New York Enterprise Report.

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