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Conversation: “Building Small Businesses That Learn, Lead and Last”

Gary Harpst, Entrepreneur and Founder of Six Disciplines

Join us for an informative and inspiring conversation with Gary Harpst, the founder and CEO of Six Disciplines Corporation.

Gary is an extremely successful entrepreneur who talks with us about what it takes to build — and sustain — a successful small business today. Having built a software company that eventually became part of Microsoft, he knows what it takes.

As he points out, the problem with most business strategy is executing it. So he set out to address that problem, by creating Six Disciplines.

Six Disciplines is a methodology that helps small business owners and managers learn how to execute their business strategy. Six Disciplines also provides a unique set of Internet tools so managers can gain visibility into how well they are executing — as well as guiding them to manage their businesses better. And the final piece of the puzzle is coaching: Six Disciplines involves a trained coach who helps keep the business owner grounded and focused on what needs to be done.

Gary, a man of integrity who is guided by his faith, freely admits to having made many business mistakes while also recognizing that they have been some of his most valuable learning experiences. With the Six Disciplines methodology he hopes to help other entrepreneurs avoid some of those mistakes.

About Gary Harpst

As the former founder and CEO of Solomon Software, Harpst’s company grew to over 400 employees, merged with their largest competitor — and eventually was acquired by Microsoft.

Gary has a strong interest and passion for understanding how high-performing organizations develop and maintain culture. His presentations weave together the principles and strategies which are the foundation of the Six Disciplines™ Methodology.

Gary’s work as an author, keynote speaker, television and radio guest, and executive mentor has created nationwide interest in applying the Six Disciplines Methodology for ready and able organizations that passionately want to be excellent.

Gary is also the author of an exciting new book: “Six Disciplines for Excellence: Building Small Businesses That Learn, Lead and Last,” which offers specific details on the methodology of how the best small and emerging businesses can achieve lasting excellence. Read a review of the book here.

You can learn more at

Be sure to also visit Be Excellent™, the Six Disciplines blog.

Date Recorded: July 26, 2005

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