Small Business Trends Radio

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is Small Business Trends Radio?

A: Small Business Trends Radio is a one-hour, weekly radio program. We’re part of a new generation of Internet-based radio shows and podcasts — designed for the small business audience.

Q: Who is the audience?

A: The audience is (1) small business owners and (2) those who are interested in the small business market.

On average we reach over 26,000 targeted listeners monthly.

Listener demographics:

  • 80% small business owners with fewer than 20 employees
  • 75% U.S.
  • 60% Male; 40% Female

Q: Where is the show broadcast?

A: Small Business Trends Radio is an Internet radio program. It is broadcast live on BlogTalkRadio network.

Q: How do I listen to the live show?

You listen to a live Internet radio show the same way you listen to any radio program — except instead of tuning in on a radio, you tune in by visiting a Web page.

To listen live, visit Tuesdays, at 1:30PM Eastern U.S. time. Make sure your speakers in your computer are turned up. As soon as you arrive at the page, click the “Listen Live” link and the audio will automatically start playing in your media player (just like tuning in to a radio channel).

Q: What is the show format?

A: Each show is:

  • One half hour of business talk radio
  • In-depth interview of a featured guest expert, covering one topic in detail
  • Informative and advice-filled for small business owners — like a targeted one-hour seminar
  • Covering topics of current interest or that are hard to find anywhere else

Q: What if I miss the original live broadcast?

A: No worries. Past shows are available as MP3 audio files (podcasts) 24 hours after the live broadcast. Go here to see all past shows.

Q: What is a podcast?

A: Podcast is just a trendy term for an audio recording that can be automatically subscribed to, using an RSS or Web feed.

Place our feed (Feed URL here) in your favorite feedreader program: My Yahoo, My MSN, Bloglines or other feedreader. Then whenever a new recording is available, you will see it automatically appear in your feedreader program. You can then download the shows you choose to your iPod, MP3 player — even your Treo. Listen while running or exercising, driving in your cars, gardening, or whenever.

Or, another way to get our podcasts is to go to the individual page in our site containing a link to the recording. Click the Download Now button, and download the recording to your computer. Then at your convenience listen to it on your computer. Or later download it to a portable device.

Q: How can I be notified of upcoming shows?

A: We’ve made it convenient for you.

  • If you know how to use RSS feeds, then simply subscribe to our RSS feed (see podcast question above).
  • Or, you can sign up for our mailing list and receive an email notification of each upcoming show.

Q: Who is behind Small Business Trends Radio?

A: The host of Small Business Trends Radio is Anita Campbell, a nationally recognized voice for the small business market.

Anita is a former senior executive of the Bell & Howell Company. Today, in addition to being a talk show host, she is the Editor of Small Business Trends, an authoritative, thought-leading website and ezine. The site has six awards and recognitions, including a Forbes “Best of the Web.”

She brings an unusual depth of experience, delving well beneath the surface. Anita has been called “the Diane Rehm of small business” after the noted NPR radio host of in-depth shows.

Steve Rucinski, an experienced business executive and blogger, is Executive Producer of the podcast series of Small Business Trends Radio. Steve blogs at Small Business CEO.

Q: How can I become a guest on your show?

A: To become a guest, go here and submit a request.

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