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Prospective Guest FAQs

If you would like to be a guest on Small Business Trends Radio, we would love to hear from you.  There are a few things you will want to know first:

Q: How do you choose guests?

A: Come to us with a killer topic. It’s that simple.

The focus is on the information you can bring. We look for guests (1) who come to us with a specific topic, (2) who can offer excellent insights and information that is not easy to find elsewhere, and (3) who deliver small business focused content.  We are looking for show topics that are narrow, where you are prepared to drill down deep. Our most popular shows offer metrics, insider tips, action steps, from-the-trenches observations, and “don’t make the same mistakes I did” lessons.

To choose a topic, first review our past shows here. That way you can see what else has been offered so as not to duplicate a topic.

Q: What makes a show popular?

A: The most popular shows with listeners have had this in common:

  • A narrowly focused topic. A catchy descriptive title helps, too.
  • Information usually available only from “industry insiders” — or information so current that it is hard to find elsewhere.
  • “How-to” shows where the guest provides detailed answers, tips and advice.
  • Using power words: words that describe tangible things you can see, hear, touch, taste. Also, using active verbs, not passive voice. With audio, people need to be able to picture in their minds what you are talking about — “theater of the mind.”
  • Guests who minimize the use of “ums” and “ahs,” who don’t spend time searching for words — and instead give confident direct answers to interview questions.

Q: Do I have to travel to a studio for the show?

A: No, that’s the beauty of Internet radio. You can appear on the show via telephone, from just about anywhere on the globe. The main requirement is access to a land line telephone. Go here for details.

Q: May I refer to my URL in the show?

A: Yes, briefly. At the end of the show you can tell listeners where to find you on the Web. We will refer to one or two URLs for you. Our goal is to keep the shows informational, not promotional.

Q: May I refer to my book and where to buy it in the show?

A: The shows typically are not about a book. Please keep any references to your book to a brief mention.

Q: Can I prepare a free downloadable resource or page on my site with additional resources for listeners?

A: Absolutely! Some guests have prepared free downloads just for the show — those have been very popular with listeners. We will direct listeners there. Just make sure any resource is free to listeners and is not primarily an advertorial.

Q: What kind of time commitment is involved?

A: We guarantee that we will be well prepared for your radio appearance. We look for guests committed to the same level of preparation.  Guests often spend about 2 hours or more for the show: About 2 hours in preparation and one half hour on the show itself.  Being well-prepared helps you relax and have a fun enjoyable time. You will feel more confident.  Your recorded talking time as a guest will be roughly 25 minutes. If you are well-prepared it will go fast. If you are unprepared it may seem like an eternity (for you and for listeners).

Q: What if something comes up and I want to reschedule?

A: Please clear your calendar before scheduling a show with us. Shows are broadcast live. Rescheduling is not possible.

Q: What is in it for me as a guest?

A: Most prospective guests immediately see the value of the show. Visit our testimonials page to hear what they’re saying about their experience. One of the reasons is that we promote and distribute the show through multiple channels:

  • The show: The show is broadcast over BlogTalkRadio network.
  • Post-show: We syndicate the show as a podcast via our popular Web RSS feeds. The show can then be found in iTunes, Podcast Alley and other popular audio download sites across the Web.We create a dedicated page for your show. It remains indefintely on the Web — great for online visibility that lasts for years.The recording will be hosted by us and remains available indefintely so that you can link to it from your own website or blog, if you wish.

Guests find being on the show an enjoyable experience.

Above all, remember this: we are committed to providing high quality information for the small business community. If you contribute great information as a guest, you will find that your appearance on Small Business Trends Radio increases your online visibility and adds to your reputation as an expert.

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