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Real Estate Photography As A Small Business

Kelly Thomas on real estate photography as a small business Do you enjoy snapping photographs, have an enterprising spirit and engaging personality? Do you want to generate steady monthly income on the internet? If so, then you’re qualified to own and operate your own real estate web site.

Our featured guest today is Kelly Thomas of Kelly will set you on a direct path to home-based profit by helping photographers provide a great service that is sorely needed in the real estate industry.
Among the points in the show are:

  • Promote and offer your services to the realtors. The realtor is your customer – not the home buyer. Once they see that your service is a valuable one, they will submit new properties to photograph and list.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words. The recent trend is that we have become a graphic nation. People want “instant gratification for information” and don’t want to spend hours driving around in a car with a realtor, sometimes for days, sifting through properties.
  • Market your web site through the realtors. Many realtors are already paying for advertising. You can add links to your web site and many realtors will be willing to do so as their main goal is – to sell the property.
  • Pay for performance. The pricing philosophy should be unique to each property. For example: a $25,000 two bedroom mobile home on one acre may require 20 photos to advertise while a $600,000 five bedroom home on ten acres may require 130-160 photos to advertise properly.

Today’s Trend: In addition to the above points, please stay tuned at the end of the program to the Today’s Trend segment. The Today’s Trend for this episode is: Today It Is A Self Serve World. Today’s Trend examines how self serve is shaping the world today. The more we can do ourselves, the more empowered we feel. Today we are seeing a lot of do-it-yourself small businesses and self-serve business owners, especially with sole proprietors and businesses with less than five employees. We now use ATM’s rather than bank tellers. We can now perform online advertising campaigns without hiring an advertising agency. Today’s Trend examines this shift across society – this attitudinal shift.

About Kelly Thomas

Kelly Thomas has been a computer specialist at a large university for the last 16 years but has had an interest in photography since his teens. Kelly had also worked for Apple Computer before he started in 2001.

It was then that he added a photographer about six or eight months later. SIHomeTours has sold an uncountable dollar amount of real estate and currently displays about 300 listings online. They are visited by more than 70,000 people a month who generate over a 1/2 million page-views.

To learn more, visit Kelly’s website SIHomeTours.

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Recorded: October 10, 2006 – Duration: 53.16 minutes

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