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Liz Franklin Getting Organized For Small BusinessTranscript Available
Liz Franklin, Founder of Miz Liz On Biz
Pull new cash and productivity out of your existing business as a substitute for more time and money.
December 19, 2006. 45 minutes.
Leo Wisniewski and Sybil Ege Getting Into The Entrepreneurial MindsetTranscript Available
Leo Wisniewski and Sybil Ege
Learn the critical characteristics of the entrepreneurial mindset and discover them within yourself.
December 12, 2006. 45 minutes.
Warren Greshes, Sales Coach Your Highest Sales Year Ever
Warren Greshes, Sales Professional
Warren outlines the five steps to achieving your highest sales year ever.
December 5, 2006. 45 minutes.
Bruce Livingstone, Founder & CEO of iStockphoto A Fortune 500 Impression On A Small Business BudgetTranscript Available
Bruce Livingstone, Founder & CEO of iStockphoto
Make a Fortune 500 impression on your web sites & brochures without breaking the budget using imagery and video.
November 28, 2006. 45 minutes.
David Weiss, CEO of Numara Software Help Yourself: A Self Service Strategy For Help DesksTranscript Available
David Weiss, CEO of Numara Software
If your small business is still dependent on an IT support employee or department, David has a solution for you.
November 21, 2006. 45 minutes.
Jerri Ledford, Google Analytics Using Google Analytics To Increase Website Sales
Jerri Ledford, Co-Author of Google Analytics
If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what visitors to your website do once they’ve reached it, Google Analytics can help.
November 14, 2006. 45 minutes.
Bill Jula of Fast Pitch Fast Forward Business Through Intelligent Networking
Bill Jula, Founder & CEO, Fast Pitch
Bill offers a new network source for business professionals that can be utilized to maximize their online marketing efforts.
November 7, 2006. 45 minutes.
Voices of Small Business What Keeps You Awake At Night?
Interviews at the COSE Small Business Conference
In this special show format we asked small business owners, “What keeps you up at night?” Here’s what they had to say. . .
October 31, 2006. 45 minutes.
Andrew Langer of the NFIB Small Businesses – Carrying A Heavy Regulatory Burden
Guest: Andrew Langer of the NFIB
Protecting the interests of small business in the face of an ever-increasing burden from regulatory agencies.
October 24, 2006. 45 minutes.
Nadege Fleurimond of Fleurimond Catering, Inc. Email Marketing – A Tool For Business Growth
Guest: Nadege Fleurimond of Fleurimond Catering, Inc.
Finding the time to market your businesses can sometimes be difficult. Who better to know than someone who’s been there?
October 17, 2006. 45 minutes.
Real Estate Photography As A Small Business Real Estate Photography As A Small Business
Guest: Kelly Thomas, Founder of
Do you enjoy snapping photographs? If so, then you’re qualified to own and operate your own real estate web site.
October 10, 2006. 45 minutes.
Joe Kraus, CEO & Founder, JotSpot Big Business Collaboration On A Small Business Budget
Guest: Joe Kraus, CEO & Founder, JotSpot
Wiki? What’s a wiki? Joe co-founded the successful Internet company, Excite, Inc. and now JotSpot, a wiki application.
October 3, 2006. 45 minutes.
Cathy Panzica, Venture Capitalist What Investors Look For in Startups
Guest: Cathy Panzica, Principal of Panzica Investments
Do you know the WORST thing to say to an investor? Listen to find out how to improve your chances of getting VC money.
September 26, 2006. 45 minutes.
Steve MacGill, Founder of PeerSight Unlocking Growth Potential in Every Small Business
Guest: Steve MacGill, Founder of PeerSight
The power of advisory boards and other techniques for overcoming impediments to grow your business.
September 19, 2006. 50 minutes.
haarensmall.jpg How to Succeed as a Virtual Freelancer
Guest: Michael Haaren, Editor of Rat Race Rebellion
Dreaming of working from home as a freelancer? This show offers tips and pitfalls to watch out for in a home business.
September 12, 2006. 36 minutes.
Steve Rucinski, Executive Producer and Partner Podcasting Made a Radio Star
Guest: Steve Rucinski of Small Business Trends Radio
Host Anita Campbell and Exec Producer Steve Rucinski share lessons learned from 20 months of podcasting.
August 29, 2006. 60 minutes.
Marty McDermott of Franchising In The New Millennium – The Latest Trends
Guest: Marty McDermott of
Marty provides his franchise trend analysis, perspective and advice on how to identify and choose the right franchise for you.
August 22, 2006. 60 minutes.
Robert Levin of New York Enterprise Report Event Marketing – Your Best Bang for the Buck
Guest: Robert Levin of New York Enterprise Report
A tradeshow organizer shares key tips and advice on how to cost effectively market your business at events.
August 15, 2006. 60 minutes.
Michael Plummer of New Ways to Market a Small Business
Guest: Michael Plummer of
Michael shares how to target the right market, capture it and get new customers for life.
August 8, 2006. 60 minutes.
Dawn Rivers Baker of The Unhealthy State of Small Business Healthcare
Guest: Dawn Rivers Baker of
Dawn updates us with the latest on healthcare and what Washington is doing to address the issues.
August 1, 2006. 60 minutes.
Steve Popovich of Cleveland International Records One American Against Sony Music
Guest: Steve Popovich of Cleveland International Records
A Grammy winner shares his 40-year history of the music business and the importance of standing up for your rights.
July 25, 2006. 60 minutes.
Michael Dees an President of Esecurity-Direct Protect Your Intellectual Property Assets Top 10 pick
Guest: Michael Dees of Esecurity-Direct
Michael, a seasoned technology professional, explains how to protect your IP from theft.
July 18, 2006. 60 minutes.
Steve Kinney of SEO Success for Small Business Top 10 pick
Guest: Steve Kinney
Search engine optimization (SEO) can help your business beat your biggest competitors.
July 11, 2006. 60 minutes.
Kare Anderson of Marketing Partnerships for Faster Growth
Guest: Emmy Award winner Kare Anderson
Partnering can be a smart strategy for growth. Learn how to set up partnerships that work.
June 27, 2006. 60 minutes.
Michael Dees an President of Esecurity-Direct Make Telecommuting Work
Guest: Michael Dees of Esecurity-Direct
Michael explains how to make telecommuting work for you and your business.
June 20, 2006. 60 minutes.
Joel Comm Google Adsense – Make Money While You Sleep
Guest: Joel Comm
Author of the best selling book on Google Adsense, make more than pocket change from putting these ads on your website.
June 13, 2006. 60 minutes.
Siamak Taghaddos Virtual Phone Systems – Sound Big, Spend Little
Guest: Siamak Taghaddos, CEO of GotVMail
Can your customers reach you? GotVmail’s CEO, a BusinessWeek “Top 5 Entrepreneurs Under 25,” explains how.
June 6, 2006. 60 minutes.
Ivana Taylor Why Mastering Excel is a Critical Marketing Skill
Guest: Bill Jelen of and Ivana Taylor
Learn from the expert, Mr. Excel, and marketer Ivana Taylor, co-authors of a book on mastering Excel to get control of your marketing data. May 30, 2006. 60 minutes.
Steve Millard of COSE Small Business – Speaking with a BIG VOICE
Guest: Steve Millard and Lou Licata of
The leaders of 16,000 member share why advocacy is so important to the interests of small business.
May 23, 2006. 60 minutes.
Michael Dees an IT Guru Employee Productivity through Technology
Guest: Michael Dees of Esecurity-Direct
Michael explains choosing software, training and support wisely and how tosave budget dollars.
May 16, 2006. 60 minutes.
Brad Sugars on Growing a Business 6 Steps to a Growth Business
Guest: Brad Sugars of
Brad shares his 6 steps to building a growth business and gaining personal freedom.
May 9, 2006. 60 minutes.
Mark Widawer on Landing Pages Turn Your Website into a 24-Hour Cash Machine
Guest: Mark Widawer of Landing Page Cash Machine.
Mark Widawer shares the recipe for using online ads and landing pages successfully.
May 2, 2006. 60 minutes.
Dan Hoffman on VOIP Simplified Voice over IP (VoIP) in plain English Top 10 pick Transcript available
Guest: Dan Hoffman, CEO of M5 Networks.
Dan Hoffman of M5 Networks explains how VOIP technology can transform your business.
April 25, 2006. 60 minutes.
Michael Dees an IT Guru Hiring New Employees – The Technology They Need
Guest: Michael Dees of Esecurity-Direct
Michael explains how to choose and acquire technology for new employees.
April 18, 2006. 60 minutes.
Gary Schoeniger on How to Start a Business With No Money How to Start a Business With No MoneyTop 10 pick
Guest: Gary Schoeniger of
Gary Schoeniger started a business dead broke with a borrowed ladder. Soon he had a multi-million dollar business.
April 11, 2006. 60 minutes.
David Lorenzo, author Master the Random Business Encounter
Guest: David Lorenzo of Career
Sometimes a chance meeting can lead to snagging a big client or an important deal.
April 4, 2006. 60 minutes.
Lee Dodd on Online Forums Building a Successful Online Forum – a Case StudyTop 10 pick
Guest: Lee Dodd of Zydeca Media.
Do you know what an online forum is? How would you use one for your business? Learn this and more.
March 28, 2006. 60 minutes.
Ramon Ray on Mobile Computing The Mobile Entrepreneur – Equipping Your Office
Guest: Ramon Ray of Small Biz Technology.
Do you know the difference between WiFi and Bluetooth? And how each can unchain you from your desk? Plus lots more.
March 21, 2006. 60 minutes.
Jim Kukral on Online Marketing Mistakes Avoiding the Top 10 Online Marketing MistakesTop 10 pick
Guest: Jim Kukral of
Jim says “Tell me you didn’t buy that $99 offer to get a top Google listing — it does not work!” Listen and learn.
March 14, 2006. 60 minutes.
Jack Yoest Top 10 Mistakes Business Owners Make
Guest: Jack Yoest of
We all make mistakes, and Jack Yoest has observed that we all tend to make the same ones. Learn how to break the mold.
March 7, 2006. 60 minutes.
Brian Lowenthal Six Secrets to Retaining Your Best Employees
Guest: Brian Lowenthal of Benchmark Partners.
The cost of replacing an employee is twice the employee’s salary — avoid turnover by keeping your best people.
February 28, 2006. 60 minutes.
Jennifer Laycock on SEO Search Engine Marketing is Not VoodooTop 10 pick
Guest: Jennifer Laycock of SearchEngineGuide.
Search engine marketing really isn’t voodoo, it is something you can do.
February 21, 2006. 60 minutes.
Rex Hammock on networking Building Your Network to Grow Your Small Business
Guest: Rex Hammock, Founder of
Discover why 83% say professional relationships are the top path to new business.
February 14, 2006. 60 minutes.
Denise O'Berry on passive Internet income Making a Living on the Internet Through Passive Income
Guest: Denise O’Berry, of Small Business Matters.
Create Internet revenue streams that keep the money rolling in month after month.
February 7, 2006. 60 minutes.
John Wyckoff on small businesses beating larger competition Beating the Big Box Guys by Changing the Rules
Guest: John Wyckoff, self-made entrepreneur.
Learn how to beat your larger competition by changing the rules to favor your small business.
January 31, 2006. 60 minutes.
Barabara Cagley, Small Business Success Staying in Business while Selling to Small Business
Guest: Barbara Cagley, Partner, SCK.
Everyone wants to sell to the 25 million small businesses in the United States. Learn the secrets for doing so – profitably.
January 24, 2006. 60 minutes.
Blogs - Cutting Through the Hype Blogs – Cutting Through the Hype
Guest: Barbara Payne, Writer and Multi-blogger
Barbara helps many of her clients use blogging effectively all the way to writing for them.
January 17, 2006 60 minutes.
The Disturbing Trend of Eminent Domain The Disturbing Trend of Eminent DomainTranscript Available
Guest: Andrew Langer, The NFIB
An important public policy issue affecting small businesses in the United States: eminent domain power.
January 10, 2006 60 minutes.
Start the Year Off Right with Sales and Activity Plans Start the Year Off Right with Sales and Activity Plans
Guest: Warren Greshes, Motivational Speaker
Warren leads you through the process of establishing sales goals for the year in order to achieve business success.
January 3, 2006 60 minutes.

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