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Resources for Entrepreneurs from the Kauffman Foundation Resources for Entrepreneurs from the Kauffman Foundation
Guest: Marianne Hudson, The Kauffman Foundation.
Marianne provides resources available to entrepreneurs today.
December 27, 2005. 60 minutes.
Web 2.0 - What Is It and Why Should You Care? Web 2.0 – What Is It and Why Should You Care?
Guest: Charles Jolley, CEO of
Charles defines in plain English what Web 2.0 means – listen and learn.
December 20, 2005. 60 minutes.
Hector Barreto Trends in U.S. Small Business
Guest: Hector Barreto, Administrator of the SBA.
Hector shares some interesting facts and insight about some of the challenges small businesses face today.
December 13, 2005. 60 minutes.
Mike Seifert on Web-based business applications The Spreadsheet is Dead!
Guest: Mike Seifert, CEO of Strategic Resources.
Web-based business applications can make your organization more efficient and save money.
December 6, 2005. 60 minutes.
Ron McDaniel on buzz marketing What’s All This Buzz About Buzz Marketing?Top 10 pick
Guest: Ron McDaniel, CEO of
The trend toward buzz marketing and word of mouth marketing – and why they are so important today.
November 29, 2005. 60 minutes.
Gayle Watson of NAWBO on women-owned businesses Why You Can’t Ignore These Six Million Businesses
Guest: Gayle Watson, President of
The woman-owned business: what it looks like, how it is different, how you sell to it.
November 22, 2005. 60 minutes.
Gary Harpst of Six Disciplines on why businesses stall and stop growing Why Most Businesses Lose Their Edge
Guest: Gary Harpst, CEO of Six Disciplines.
The founder of Solomon Software describes how small businesses can stall and stop growing, and how to prevent it.
November 15, 2005. 60 minutes.
Frank Griffith, entrepreneur, on recurring revenue streams Recurring Revenue Streams – How to CreateTranscript Available
Guest: Frank Griffith, Chairman of Griffith Holdings Inc. This successful entrepreneur explains how recurring revenue streams can transform a small business.
November 8, 2005. 60 minutes.
Torsten Jacobi, entrepreneur, on today's media, blogs and blogging networks Changes in Online Media, Including Blogs
Guest: Torsten Jacobi, CEO of Creative Weblogging. Insights into today’s online media, including blogs and blog networks.
November 1, 2005. 60 minutes.
Gary Harpst on business strategy Building Small Businesses that Learn, Lead and Last
Guest: Gary Harpst, CEO of Six Disciplines. The problem with most business strategy is executing it — listen and learn how to do it.
July 26, 2005. 55 minutes.
Jill Konrath on selling to big companies Selling to Big Companies – It Can Be Done
Guest: Jill Konrath, CEO of Find out what it takes for small businesses to get big companies as customers.
May 15, 2005. 45 minutes.
Robin Good on new long-tail business models How Musicians, Writers and Filmmakers Make Money Today Guest: Robin Good of mega-site In this special interview he explains the new business model for musicians and writers today.
May 13, 2005. 40 minutes.
Michael Dees on information technology security IT Security: You Have to Take it SeriouslyTranscript Available
Guest: Michael Dees, CEO of This IT professional explains what small businesses need to do to keep their information technology systems secure.
April 11, 2005. 45 minutes.
Author Barry Moltz gives a reading Stage a Business CoupTop 10 pick
Guest: Barry Moltz, Author of “You Need to Be A Little Crazy.” Barry does a reading of an article he wrote and gives the backstory on his real-life experiences behind it.
April 8, 2005. 13 minutes.
Andy Birol on finding your best and highest use Your Best and Highest Use
Guest: Andy Birol, Author and CEO of Birol Growth Consulting. To excel as a business owner you must limit your time to your best and highest use.
March 25, 2005. 40 minutes.
Anthony Cerminaro on how business people can get the most out of  lawyers The Well Utilized Business Lawyer
Guest: Anthony Cerminaro, Attorney.
Find out the secrets for getting the most from your legal advisors.
March, 2005. 45 minutes.
Ron Finklestein tells real-life success stories from 14 companies 14 Ways to a Successful Company
Guest: Ron Finklestein, Author and CEO of Akris. Ron Finklestein tells real-life success stories from 14 small businesses. These are businesses anyone can identify with.
March, 2005. 40 minutes.
CEO Warren Carter gives the secrets to his business's success CEO Talks
Guest: Warren Carter, CEO of A CEO answers 10 questions about what made his business successful.
March 10, 2005. 30 minutes.
Wayne McVicker on going IPO I Made a Few Hundred Million …
Guest: Wayne McVicker, Author and Founder of Neoforma. Wayne McVicker speaks informally about what it was like to start a business that went IPO in the Dot Com boom.
February 24, 2005. 35 minutes.
Jackie Huba on small businesses and customer evangelism Creating Customer Evangelists
Guest: Jackie Huba, Author of “Creating Customer Evangelists.” Jackie Huba, the well-known business author, explains what small businesses can do to create customer evangelists. February 24, 2005. 45 minutes.
Ruth King on entrepreneurs who prevailed in the face of terrible situations Entrepreneurial Terror: How to Get Through the Dark Days and Into the LightTop 10 pick
Guest: Ruth King, CEO of Uplifting true-life stories of entrepreneurs who overcame crises.
February 10, 2005. 40 minutes.
Peter Ireland on finding business capital Solutions for the Startup Funding Problem
Guest: Peter Ireland, Founder of Lesser known sources of funding for your small business or startup.
January 27, 2005. 45 minutes.
Dr. John C. Soper on economic trends impacting small businesses Top 2005 Economic Trends for Small Business
Guest: Dr. John C. Soper of John Carroll University. Dr. Soper forecasts the economic trends that will impact small businesses in 2005. January 13, 2005. 45 minutes.
Laurel Delaney on taking your small business global Taking Your Small Business Global
Guest: Laurel Delaney, CEO of Today it is possible even for a small business to have a global reach – find out how.
December 30, 2004. 45 minutes.
Eric Olsen on running a publishing empire from home How I Run a Publishing Business from a Home Office
Guest: Eric Olsen, Founder of mega-site Eric Olsen tells the story of how he runs the wildy popular Blogcritics from a home office.
December 16, 2004. 45 minutes.
Jeffrey Cornwall on Entrepreneurship Myths Five Entrepreneurial Myths
Guest: Dr. Jeffrey Cornwall, Director, Entrepreneurship Center, Belmont University. Our perceptions about entrepreneurs are not always correct — see why.
December 2, 2004. 45 minutes.

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