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The Small Business Trends Radio Show is all about YOU. We love it when we get feedback. Hear what small business owners and entrepreneurs have to say, in their own words.

Listeners say:

“I love your podcasts!!!!!”
— Ramon Ray, Technology Evangelist & Editor, Small Biz Technology

“I love Anita’s show, she’s such a passionate host!”

“Hosting a radio program of my own, I’m always looking for ways to improve the show. After listening to Small Business Trends, I knew one way to immediately improve our show was to invite Anita to share her expert opinion with our listeners. According to listener feedback, I was right!”

— Brent Leary, Host of Business Technology Radio

Past Guests say:

“Business comes in the most unusual ways. One person saw the name of my interview (Fourteen Ways to a Successful Company), downloaded the podcast, and listened to it while driving. He liked it so much he gave it to his father (company CEO) so he could listen to it. A short time later I received a call – and a new client.”
— Ron Finklestein, Business Coach and Consultant, Your Business Coach

“I had a blast on your show … appreciate the opportunity!”
— Denise O’Berry, Small Business Matters

“Anita, I really enjoyed being on your show! I believe the recording will provide great information for your listeners, and the public at large, for a long time to come. Thanks so much for the opportunity.”
— Erik Luhrs, President of Boom Inc.

“What fun to be on your radio show! Thanks so much for the opportunity.”
— Marian Banker, Business Leadership Coach, Prime Strategies

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and I hope that it provided some tips for your listeners!”
— Anna Farmery, Chief Motivator of The Engaging Brand

“I’m both thrilled and honored to have worked with you yesterday. Your guidance kept the segment upbeat and informative, and I thank you for encouraging me to create a topic for the listeners.”
— Shirley Frazier, Chief Marketing Officer of Solo Business Marketing

“Thank you for the chance to get another fun edition of Small Business Trends Radio under my belt!”
— Dawn Rivers Baker, Editor and Publisher of The MicroEnterprise Journal

“My goodness do you all do a great job of preparing for the show. It sure makes my job much easier as a guest! I have a similar show and I want to compliment you. You’ve given me additional ideas as to how to improve the Recognized Expert Marketing Show.”
— Bob Sommers, The Recognized Expert Marketing Show

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