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Tips To Design And Manage An eCommerce Web Site

Many entrepreneurs and business owners consider building their own eCommerce web site but are not quite sure where to begin or may have too many questions that remain unanswered.Eric

Our featured guest today, Eric Shoup, is the Director of ProStores, Inc., an eBay company that allows small and medium sized businesses to create professional online stores, customized with their own branding and domain name.

Eric will discuss steps for small business owners to build and manage a successful eCommerce Web site.

Here’s a sampling from the show:

  • Ease of Update. It is very important to make sure your site can easily be updated along the way. This puts the power into the hands of the store owner rather than a webmaster.
  • Brand Your Store. The colors you choose, the layout, your logo design and overall store theme are part of your personal brand. Choose these wisely and remain consistent with your personal brand.
  • SEO & Design Impact. Relevant keywords are necessary. Put yourself in the shoes of your buyer. What terms will they search to find products such as yours? Make these terms part of your site text and use them in the alt tags of your photos.
  • Feature Products on Your Homepage. Update your homepage regularly to feature product promotions, shipping discounts, and seasonal items.

The PeerSight Leadership Spotlight: Please stay tuned at the end of the program for the PeerSight Leadership Spotlight, where we shine a spotlight on a business leader. Today’s Guest is Zane Safrit, CEO of Conference Calls Unlimited. A conference calling service with toll and toll free plans and online collaboration tools to create webcasts, podcasts and video casting. Zane feels a CEO in a small business must wear a lot of hats. Your primary role is that of a leader, visionary, and coach. Find great people, put them in the spots where they’ll shine, and then step aside. A leader helps the employees stay on track on a daily basis and make sure they’re focused on the goal everyday.

Recorded: April 10, 2007

Duration: 53:26 minutes

About Eric Shoup, Director of ProStores

Eric Shoup, Director of ProStores, manages all aspects of the ProStores business unit, including product strategy, marketing and support.

During his four years with eBay, Eric has focused on building out several of eBay’s nascent businesses. He directed the redevelopment of the eBay Stores product, laying the foundation for its phenomenal growth from 50,000 subscribers in 2003 to more than 240,000 in 2006. Most recently, Eric assembled and led eBay’s first global mobile product team.

During his 12 years in high tech management, Eric has spent the last 9 years focused on exclusively on eCommerce. Prior to eBay, he played key product marketing and management roles at several eCommerce sites. He also designed and managed consumer ecommerce and marketing websites for several established companies such as Lexus and Wellcome Supermarkets in Hong Kong. Prior to this, he focused on marketing and corporate development for a streaming media startup.

Eric holds an economics degree from the University of California , Los Angeles.

For more on Eric Shoup and ProStores, Inc., visit ProStores.

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