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10 Tips For Buying And Selling A Small Business

So you’ve thought about selling your business after spending a great deal of time and energy building it up?


A situation such as this can cause a great deal of stress. Selling a business can be a complicated, time consuming, and involved process.

Our featured guest in this episode of The Small Business Trends Radio Show is Sharad Mehta, President of Tannenbaum & Aalok. Sharad will provide expert advice on long-term and short-term strategies to best prepare your business for sale, to profit from your hard work, and walk away happy.

Here’s a sampling from the show:

  • Brokers are similar to a real estate agent. A broker can locate a buyer, bring maximum profit, ensure that any legal consequences are avoided, and bring the business to a settlement.
  • Three “R’s” – These are referrals, references and research. Each of these is a critical step in locating a broker to maximize profits and complete the sale.
  • Three “M’s” – These are meeting, marketing and maximum results. After you have located your broker, meet with them at their office, ask how the broker intends to market your business for sale, and ensure that maximum results are received. This not only includes maximum profits, but an overall enjoyable experience.

Today’s Trend: In addition to the above points, please stay tuned at the end of the program to the Today’s Trend segment. The Today’s Trend for this episode is: How Globalization Affects How We Communicate. Today’s Trend explores how the boundaries between countries and people are now broken down with the help of the Internet. Therefore, many visitors to your site may be from another country. As a result, a new concept called simplified English is now being used. This can be used in web site text, contracts, manuals, etc. Explore the use of simplified English for your business to help bridge the language barriers that may exist.

Recorded: April 3, 2007

Duration: 53.27 minutes

About Sharad Mehta, President of Tannenbaum & Aalok

Sharad has been a Broker of Record since 1997 and is a leading negotiator in the Business Brokerage industry.

Sharad has conducted business evaluations for numerous lawyers and business owners. Mr. Mehta has transformed the firm from a traditional business brokerage company to a dynamic, technology-oriented, state-of-the art company, serving businesses in the manufacturing, distribution, retail and service industries.

For more on Sharad Mehta, visit Tannenbaum & Aalok.

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