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What is this Site? Who are these People?

Small Biz AdviceNovember 22, 2004By

Welcome! Glad you could drop by.

We are a group of entrepreneurs who are starting a new thing (isn’t that what entrepreneurs do?).

We plan to hold a series of “Conversations.” They will be interviews of guests who have interesting stuff to say about being entrepreneurs.

Or running small businesses.

Or the latest trends in the world of small businesses.

We’ll cover all the questions you always wanted to know. Know what’s even better? You can send us your questions beforehand. Or send them to us during the Conversation.

That way you know they will get asked and answered.

Our Conversations will be broadcast over the Internet and come straight to the speakers in your computer.

So, who are we? We’re just a bunch of entrepreneurs from Ohio, USA. With nothing better to do. OK, this last part is not exactly true. Most of the time.

We’re Peter, Steve and Anita — sounds like a folk singing group from the 70’s doesn’t it? Read about us here.

2 Responses to “What is this Site? Who are these People?”

  1. Robert Says:


    Just a thought, and if you’re already aware of this, please ignore my ramblings. 🙂

    If you’re going to have audio files (stream/mp3) available, are you aware of iPodder? podcasting?

    It offers you a process to share your audio files with many people via RSS.

    And has more info on how to use RSS feeds with enclosures.

    Just wanted to offer those suggestions.

    Good luck with your site!


  2. strawberrie-shortcake Says:

    Will there be an open bar?

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