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Conversation: Solutions for the Startup Funding Problem

Every business needs capital of some amount just to exist, whether it be start-up money or on-going funding to expand and grow. Finding the capital needed can be challenging.  Listen to our broadcast with Peter Ireland, author of the Anti-Venture Capital Start-Up Guide. Peter will answer questions on how to start and run a business the old fashioned way. Maybe he will even go into his infamous Venture Capital Rant!

He discusses topics such as:

  • What exactly is the key to business start-up success?
  • What is meant by “stream of opportunities”?
  • How do you get customers to fund your startup?
  • What is pre-receivables financing?
  • What is so important about knowing your business model?

About Peter Ireland

For almost two decades Peter has raised capital for his own companies as well as helped other entrepreneurs to raise it for theirs. In terms of experience, Peter has held executive positions with a number of corporations both private and publicly-held.

Peter’s early career includes working for an investment bank where he learned capital formation techniques for small and medium sized businesses. In 1986 Peter became a partner in Ashton Montana & Company a performance-based consultancy providing mission critical financial and marketing services to high technology entrepreneurs. Afterwards Peter served for over three years as CEO of Leisuretech Corp., a publicly-traded company. He spent another four years managing CalWest an innovative venture fund geared towards start-up companies.

In addition to his entrepreneurial forays, Peter has assisted numerous technology companies in selling themselves to individual investors via private placements and the public via IPOs.

He has appeared numerous times on television, radio, and in print media to discuss various topics relating to entrepreneurship, small business, and political topics. He is also a wizard at generating media coverage for projects he likes (see “PR” on this page). He graduated from Simon Fraser University, one of Canada’s top business schools.

In addition to running a rapidly growing network of online businesses, Peter devotes five hours per week serving as a venture advisor to rookie entrepreneurs. He is also an active early stage investor.

You can learn more about Peter at his website:

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