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CEO Talks: Warren Carter of MyOnlyOne

Join us for CEO TALKS, a segment of our program where we asked CEOs ten different questions about their businesses and themselves.  Listen and learn from some of the best small business CEOs today!

Here are some of the questions we ask Warren Carter, CEO of MyOnlyOne:

  • What are your key strategies for growth?
  • How do you finance your growth?
  • What have been your biggest challenges to date?

About Warren Carter
Warren Carter is an experienced business developer. Having spent 16 years with an established family business, he ventured on his own in 1980. After 5 years of developing local commercial real estate, he recognized the business opportunity in a then-new technology called “voicemail” and within days he began a new business called Voice-Tel. Along with his brother and two other founders, Mr. Carter helped build this country’s largest privately owned and franchised voice messaging service bureau network.

In 1997 the entire Voice-Tel Franchise system of 100 owner groups, 275 locations and over 600,000 subscribers was sold and Mr. Carter semi-retired with his wife to Jackson, Wyoming. Not satisfied or able to stay retired, he and his family (then including a 1-year-old son) returned in 1999 to Cleveland, Ohio, where he worked with several start-up businesses. When Mr. Carter learned in August 2001 about the OnlyOne technology, he immediately saw it as “the next Voice-Tel, only better!”

Mr. Carter again acted immediately, became one of the Founders of OnlyOne and is today one of the driving influences in the management group. As a founder, CEO, and member of the Company’s Operating Committee, Mr. Carter spends his full time acting on this opportunity to lead the way for a number of people to achieve their dream of success through personal business ownership. In such a role, he lends structure and leadership to the whole group, where he focuses much of his time with the development team, recruiting and qualifying prospective partners and key corporate management. Mr. Carter resides in Independence, Ohio with his wife and son.

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