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Celebrate Success: 14 Ways to a Successful Company

In this episode featuring Ron Finklestein, he distills his learnings down into 14 lessons. These are lessons learned from real small businesses that operate successfully everyday.

Join us as Ron Finklestein shares his journey and learnings in studying 30 successful companies. Ron tells us about the 30 successful small companies he studied and what he learned about 14 repeatable attributes that these 30 successful companies contained.  Attributes like attitude, the ability to intensely focus and having faith in their convictions and their plan.

If you are a small business owner and want to learn from other successful small business owners then you might want to check out this Conversation.

About Ron Finklestein

Ron Finklestein has been doing business technology consulting his entire career. In 2001 he started AKRIS, a business technology coaching and consulting company.

Since 2001 he has been involved with hundreds of small companies and studied in detail nearly 50 successful small companies to determine what makes them successful. His book “Celebrating Success! Fourteen Ways to a Successful Company!” distilled these success attributes into actionable items that can be implemented in your business immediately.

As a consultant and coach Finklestein teaches and consults on these fourteen attributes. He is available as a speaker, facilitator, coach and consultant for your business needs. He can be reached at 330-294-1050 or [email protected]

You can learn more about Ron at his website Your Business Coach.

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