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Conversation: Building Small Businesses That Learn, Lead and Last

Ever wondered why so many business strategies fail? Is it because the strategy was bad? No! says our most recent guest.

The problem with most business strategy is executing it, says Gary Harpst, CEO and founder of Six Disciplines.

Gary Harpst, Entrepreneur and Founder of Six DisciplinesGary is an exceedingly successful entrepreneur.

Listen to our 55-minute podcast Conversation and you will discover that he started a software company called Solomon Software roughly a quarter century ago. Over the years he grew that business until in 2000 it was purchased by Great Plains Software. Soon thereafter the company he founded in the small city of Findlay, Ohio, USA became part of Microsoft when Great Plains was itself acquired.

Along the way Gary says he made many business mistakes. And like any successful entrepreneur, those mistakes were some of his most valuable — albeit painful — lessons. What he learned he decided to use to build a system to mentor and grow other entrepreneurs and business owners.

The result is Six Disciplines. After investing over $10 million and nearly five years of development, Six Disciplines is like nothing else you’ve seen for small businesses. It’s part methodology (business processes), part technology (Internet-based software to manage a small business), and part coaching (someone who helps the business owner learn and stay on track).

If you have a chance to listen to only one small business podcast, you definitely want to listen to Gary Harpst. There is nothing like Six Disciplines and I guarantee you will get a tremendous amount out of his talk.

Go here to listen to Gary Harpst.

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