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Top Ten Small Business Audio for January 2006

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Following are the Top Ten Most Requested Downloads of audio interviews of small business experts here at SMB TrendWire for January 2006 (in no particular order):

Start the Sales Year Right – Warren Greshes, Motivational Speaker (blog: Greshes Blog)

Eminent Domain – Who’s Taking Your Property? – Andrew Langer of the NFIB (blog: Langrrr’s Liberty)

Latest Resources for Entrepreneurs – Marianne Hudson of the Kauffman Foundation (blog: eVenturing)

Blogs – Cutting Through the Hype – Barbara Payne, Blog diva (blog: Blog for Business)

How to Stay in Business While Serving Small Business – Barbara Cagley, Business owner (website:

Entrepreneurial Terror: How to Get Through the Dark Days and Into the Light – Ruth King, CEO (site:

Web 2.0 – What is it and Why Should You Care? – Charles Jolley, CEO of Sproutit (blog: The Big Act)

What’s All This Buzz About Buzz Marketing? – Ron McDaniel, CEO of Buzzoodle (blog: Buzzoodle Buzz Marketing )

Your Best and Highest Use – Andy Birol (site:

CEO Talks – Warren Carter, CEO (site:

Honorable Mention: Hector Barreto, Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration. His recording just missed making the top download list in January.

Steve and I have fun trying to figure out why certain recordings happen to be more popular at certain times.

Sometimes the reason is obvious: it is a new recording. Fresh recordings tend to be high in demand for the first 60 days following the broadcast date.

Other times renewed interest for an older recording is due to some event occurring that involves the particular guest. We know because we start getting Google traffic searching the guest’s name.

For instance, Ruth King’s interview, even though a year old, saw a huge resurgence in popularity for the month. That is because of the interest in her new book, The Ugly Truth About Small Business.

Still other times we can only guess why a particular recording is so popular. Perhaps the guest features a link to the interview on their own site. Or maybe the topic strikes a chord with listeners through its timeless appeal. For instance, Andy Birol and Warren Carter are perennial favorites each month.

Whatever the reasons, congratulations, one and all. Until next month, go here for the full list of small business audio podcasts.

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