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Podcasts, I think the Tipping Point is Near

I read somewhere the other day, I think Technorati’s website or Feedburner that there are over 18,000 podcast feeds and the number is growing rapidly. It is very obvious that individuals and businesses alike are learning what a valuable and fun communication vehicle a podcast can be.

One of my newest discoveries as a podcast medium is the Federal Government — there are several government podcasts and hundreds of government RSS feeds as well. Here are just a few links to these podcasts:

FirstGov.Gov Podcast

Free Government Info Podcast

WhiteHouse Podcasts

I could not find a Congress or Senate or Supreme Court Podcast, however there were several Senators and Congresspersons with Podcasts, no Supreme Court Justices however.

Small Business Trends Radio has hosted one of the top Government business related officials on our podcast, Hector Barreto the Director of the SBA, click HERE to take a listen!

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