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Essential Tips for Podcast Lovers …

Finally someone has come out with a guide to finding, subscribing and listening to Podcasts on iTunes. I have never found iTunes all that easy to navigate to find the content I am interested in. Read on and then check out the link to this iTunes Podcast guide. You will even find the Small Business Trends Radio program in the Business Directory of iTunes.

The iTunes Music Store puts thousands of free podcasts at your fingertips. To find them, select Music Store in the iTunes source column; then click “Podcasts” to journey Inside the Music Store. Or, here’s another way to get there: select the little podcasts icon in the Source column, then click the arrow next to “Podcast Directory” at the very bottom of the iTunes window. Once you’ve downloaded or subscribed to a podcast, click the Music Store button to return to the home page of the Store.

Source menu

Search podcasts by popularity

Of course, before you subscribe, you’ll want to find podcasts that appeal to your interests. And you have several ways of tracking them down. For example, you can tell iTunes to find them for you. Although you could use the iTunes search box in the upper right-hand corner of the jukebox window, iTunes provides a search window specifically for podcasts in the left column. You can use it to search by podcast title, podcast authors, or by all podcasts. And once it returns a list of podcasts that meet your criteria, you order your results by popularity. Just control-click or right-click the column headers and select “Popularity” to see the most popular podcasts that contain your search term.

Click HERE to read the rest of this terrific guide…

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