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A 24-Hour Cash Machine

Mark Widawer, Landing Page ExpertMaking money while you sleep, that is every small business person’s dream. It is possible today. Please take the time and listen to this conversation and learn more about how to achieve that dream.

Learn more about the recipe it takes to take your product or services, online advertising and effective ‘landing pages’ and get the business results you want.

With proper use of landing pages, you can get five times as many conversions (or purchases) from visitors on your website. The statistical averages say it all:

  • When visitors come to your site, on average 1% of them will buy something the first time.
  • 20% of those will sign up for an opt in list, if you provide one on a landing page and don’t distract the visitor with a lot of other information.
  • 25% of those will eventually buy from you.

To summarize: without landing pages, you get 1 visitor out of 100 buying. You get 5 visitors out of 100 buying when you use landing pages, a 5x return. Seems like a no brainer.

Read more and listen to: Turn Your Website into a 24-Hour Cash Machine

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