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Learn a language on an iPod

Are you going on a business trip to a country whose language you don’t speak? Wouldn’t it be great to learn the right phrases in that language just when you need them, like where is the bathroom or good morning? Language learning by situation that is customized to the local lingo for the country you are in all delivered to you via iPod. I think it is a great idea, just in time learning.

Learn about Learning a Language on Your iPod

Disclaimer: We are not compensated for this promotion, it is just a good idea.

One Response to “Learn a language on an iPod”

  1. april Says:

    It is a very interesting idea, as far as I know in China, it is expecially so. As I am in Mandarin learning industry, I have seen and talked to many people who benefited from knowing some Mandarin. A big of knowledge can go very far.

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