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Podcast Review: SmallBizPod

Podcast ReviewThis week’s Podcast Review is about the terrific small business podcast, SmallBizPod by Alex Bellinger.

Description: The UK’s first small business podcast. News, interviews, and practical advice for small and medium-sized businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs podcast to the UK and beyond.

Comments: With over 25 shows at an average length of about 30 minutes, SmallBizPod has a large volume of valuable small business content that seems to be updated every 2-3 weeks with a new podcast. The production values are good, nice intro music and very good sound quality even with some of his guests connecting via telephone.

Alex does a nice job of giving an overview of the podcast and sort of a ‘Table of Contents’ for each show. He covers all of the critical areas of small business management from finance to marketing to human resources. You can use this podcast to obtain practical advice for starting and operating your small business.

The podcast uses a mixture of functional topic guests along with success stories shared by CEOs of several small business and even an occasional big name guest like Guy Kawasaki.

One of the other nice things Alex does at the end of each podcast is share listener feedback and he also displays that feedback on an accompanying blog which makes the show have a more interactive feel to it.

Pluses: A large volume of valuable content, nice accompanying blog with show notes and listener feedback, good sound and professionally done. Multiple ways to subscribe to the podcast right on the blog.

Minuses: Each podcast link says ‘left click to stream’ but takes a good bit of time to start playing if you want to listen from the site.

We recommend that you add SmallBizPod to your list of sources for small business information.

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