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Marketing ROI; Radio vs. Milliondollarhomepage

The first measure in marketing is return on investment. What sales were generated with which marketing campaign.

For small businesses — or even larger businesses — with limited marketing budgets, the demographics served by radio, podcasts and websites may produce the best sales per marketing dollar.

But the mediums must be considered carefully.

Radio has ratings numbers. Podcasts have down load numbers. Websites have pageviews.

Easy to compare.

Although purists such as Jonathan Fildes, at BBC News, fuss that a download does not equal a listener, the audio listenership market is compelling.

And might yield better returns than Your Business Blogger’s ad on the Milliondollarhomepage website.

Alex Tew set up a web page of a 1,000,000 pixels; selling each pix for $1. Alex has auctioned off his last 1,000 pixels for $38,100 US a while back and explains that:

… officially all one million pixels on the homepage have now been sold, with total income standing at US $1,037,100 – not bad for less than 5 months work!

In December bought into the frenzy with a $100 ad campaign.

Alex assures me:

If [the] pixel page has any lasting value in online marketing, … it’s that “very small ads have some sort of future.”

Small indeed. So far, for Your Business Blogger: small ad = small number. Tally to date, total visits to from around the world, referred to me by The Milliondollarhomepage have been quite modest.

Click thru’s to Your Business Blogger:


The Milliondollarhomepage has received 4.3 million page views.

Not quite the click-thru ratio I had hoped for.

Wife Charmaine is still not convinced of the brilliance of my MicroScopic Marketing.

I was a skeptic when the The Million Dollar Home Page was first launched. I succumbed. I’m a sucker. (For a Purple Cow.)

Around Christmas, last year, I told Charmaine, “I just bought ad space on The Million Dollar Home Page.”

“Great!” she says. “We need to do some ad copy.”

“…well, dear…”

“About time you advertised your blog.” She gets out a pen, “What’s the buy? Who’s the reader? What’s the…”


“Yea, how big?” She asks, eyes a-glow.

“Small. But we make it up on Frequency! on Reach! on Awareness…!”

Charmaine stops smiling. “How small?”

“100 pixels. We’re helping a young man get through college…”

Charmaine’s eyes go dead. That look. Blank.

I’m in trouble, “Only 100 bucks. Buck a pixel, get it?! ha ha ha!”

Her look drifts into a 1,000 yard stare, common on combat veterans. Married veterans.

“What does 100 pixels look like?” she whispers.

“10 by 10 pixs.” I do the math for her. It was not helpful.

“Show me.” She murmurs. I’m glade she’s talking.

“Here,” I said. “It’s….compact…”


My Ad

She’s mentions the $45K for my MBA. “We’ll have to consider the ROI, won’t we?” She says. I don’t know if she’s talking business school or ad buys. Or marriage.

Hard to tell the difference.

I don’t wait too many months for the answer.

This morning, Charmaine asked how THAT advertising program was going. We’re vacationing on the beach. I thought she’d forget.

I mumble, “52.”

“That’s 2 bucks a hit, huh?” She does the math this time. “A bit high, would you say?”

“John Wanamaker said that half of his marketing budget was wasted…” I launch into consulting mode.

“You did the wasted half.” She’s very good with a knife. Cutting to the truth.

I end the conversation. Like a man.

“Yes, dear.” (See The Complete Married Man’s Guide To Spousal Responses.)


Alex Tew
in The Wall Street Journal

Blogs can be divided into Linkers and Thinkers. The Million Dollar Homepage might be a case study on both. On the same page.

Alex Tew did the thinking, got the linking, made the money.

The internet changes everything. Silly cliche.

Silly me.

Maybe I should have bought a podcast ad.

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