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Podcast Review: Biz III

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about another terrific small business podcast, Biz III by Mike Hughes and Les Bain.

Description: Three minute daily podcasts designed to help you both save and make more money in your existing (or future) business. Information, Ideas and Inspiration all designed to help you make more money.

Comments: In daily, small digestible chunks Mike and Les provide you the latest insight into online marketing, media, applications and more.

I think this podcast is a great way for the person who is fairly new to the latest in internet marketing to get up to speed quickly and stay current. Mike and Les seem to scan all of the big movers and shakers of this business space to help keep their listeners on top of what the next big things are or might be. But most importantly they provide a translation for how the small business person can take advantage of the knowledge they share.

Their website is nice and clean and has a neat clickable podcast icon that will launch the podcast fairly quickly. Click on ‘Podcasts’ in the left side navigation bar.

Subscribe will take you to the RSS Feed subscription page where you can use the RSS Feed or choose from your favorite blog reader button to subscribe in that manner.

The navigation choice of RSS Feed (confusing, I know) allows you to send an email to a friend, add or email the author. They are also offering their content for free use on other web pages. Great idea!

They also provide an ‘about’ page and a method to contact them if you choose to do so.

Pluses: Over 60, 3-minute information packed recordings for the listener with leading edge and current information sometimes captured live right at a trade show. Great for internet marketing beginners as well as veterans.

Minuses: I couldn’t make the ’email a friend’ work. I sometimes want more than 3-minutes, maybe categories could be combined into longer segments serving audiences who want snippets and others who want more length. Not a complaint, just a wish.

We recommend that you add Biz III to your list of sources for small business information.

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