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Excel and Marketing – Your Keys to Success

Bill Jelen of Mr. ExcelIvana Taylor

Excel and Marketing, like chocolate and peanut butter are just meant to go together. In fact you might say they are inseparable. I know you might be thinking I am crazy but give me a minute.

This show came about when we discovered a fascinating new book called Excel for Marketing Managers. Bill Jelen of MrExcel fame and Ivana Taylor a marketing maven from ThirdForce are the authors and they agreed to come on the show and share with us key points from it.

I for one can admit that I am not an Excel power user and I can always learn more about marketing. Did you know that Excel has over 350 functions, not just SUM? I learned more about Excel in this conversation than I had learned in years.

I never realized how much marketing is about data and the effective analysis of that data. You can learn more about your customers by analyzing what you know about them, when they buy, what they buy, how often they buy, what survey data they supply, the list could go on. Once you have the data, how do you analyze and manipulate it? With Excel of course.

Being a business success is all about being your customers choice for the service or product you provide. Read more and listen to Mastering Excel is a Critical Marketing Skill.

One Response to “Excel and Marketing – Your Keys to Success”

  1. Jack Says:

    Steve, great review — I got to get the book and learn more.

    Sexy ExCel. Goodness.

    But I need to figure out that Gestalt Theory (it’s somewhere on the toolbar, no?) Where the SUM is great than the whole?

    Perfect for marketers.

    I need to figure out why I’m always over budget.

    Good post.


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