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Podcast Review: The SBS Show

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about another terrific small and medium business podcast.

Description: The SBS Show is a podcast whose topic is Small to Medium business IT and the business of information technology. They talk about everything that can make you a better system administrator, IT consultant, competent IT Professional or well informed business owner. While most focus on gadgets and personal computer technology, SBS Show talks about the actual business of IT.

Comments: With over 20 different shows, The SBS show is a compendium of IT information for the small and medium business. The website is a very clean design with podcasts well organized and each with an accompanying show description to help the listener.

Authored by Vlad Mazek shows vary in length and format, sometimes they highlight a live event or tradeshow and sometime just a dialogue with a subject matter expert, all very practical stuff. Warning however, there is some geeky stuff here as this is aimed primarily at IT pros and those who work with them.

Like most Podcasts who are starting to reach a decent number of shows this one has continuously improved its production, content and value to the audience.

Pluses: I think the site and its clarity of subject matter and access to the content is terrific and I like the tone of the conversations, to the point and not much bull#&*%.

Minuses: It might just be a little too techie for some small business folks but that is OK, the majority of their target audience is IT professionals.

We recommend that you add The SBS Show to your list of sources for small business information.

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