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Podcast Review: The Engaging Brand

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about a UK based small business podcast called The Engaging Brand. (Click on the Podcast graphic on the left with the check in it).

Description: Authored by Anna Farmery there is no formal description of the podcast series on the site that I could find but from looking at the topic list it looks like she covers everything from branding to human talent issues. Anna runs a consultancy whose objective is to help organizations achieve higher performance through the development of the culture and its people.

Comments: With over 10 different shows, each show is less than 30 minutes long and feature Anna speaking on a topic using facts, stories and analogies to make her points. She has integrated some musical jingles into her podcast which give it a professional touch.

Pluses: I really think the passion Anna radiates in her audio commentary is an attractive point to this podcast. When this passion is combined with her topical knowledge it is very engaging for the listener. (Not to mention her accent) She shares many resources for listeners to take advantage of as well. Many subscriptions options to the podcast are provided on the website.

Minuses: The website and interface could use improvement. I wasn’t sure at first how to get to the podcast directory and clicked on several links in order to find it. And I could not get the “Hear a Sample” button to work on the individual podcast page.

I recommend that you give The Engaging Brand podcast a try!

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