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Top Podcasts for June 2006

With over 30 Gigabytes of audio content downloaded from this website alone, June was our highest bandwidth month in over 20 months of Small Business Trends Radio. We also continue to be in the Top 10 shows on Voice America Business as well.

Our thanks go out to our listeners and all of our terrific small business expert guests. Thank you for your support!

Here are the Top 5 Shows for 2006: (in no particular order)

Siamak Taghaddos Virtual Phone Systems – Sound Big, Spend Little
Guest: Siamak Taghaddos, CEO of
Siamak talks about “How a Virtual Phone System Can Benefit Your Business”

Ivana Taylor Marketing Excel is a Critical Marketing Skill
Guest: Bill Jelen (Mr. Excel) and Ivana Taylor (Third Force)
Bill and Ivana talk about ‘Why Mastering Excel is a Critical Marketing Skill’

Joel Comm Google Adsense – Make Money While You Sleep
Guest: Joel Comm
Joel talks about “Google Adsense – A Goldmine for Your Website”

Michael Dees, President of Esecurity-Direct Make Telecommuting Work
Guest: Michael Dees of Esecurity-Direct
Michael explains how to make telecommuting work for you and your business.

Lee Dodd on Online Forums Building a Successful Online Forum – a Case Study
Guest: Lee Dodd of Zydeca Media.
Do you know what an online forum is? How would you use one for your business? Learn this and more.

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