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Podcast Review: Like Nobody’s Business

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about Like Nobody’s Business (LNB), hosted by Lalita Amos, owner of Total Team Solutions.

Description: Lalita challenges conventional thinking in an unconventional business world. She interviews key business professionals and serves up tips and ideas for business success.

Comments: These podcasts range in length from 8 to 35 minutes and consist mostly of Lalita speaking about recent business activities, sharing advice and insight from her journeys.

Topics range from culture, business, and sometimes eclectic topics like brain functions. She always does a nice job of linking the topic back to business.

The site is very nice and clicking on the play button launches a rapid ability to listen in seconds versus waiting for a download. She makes subscribing easy and lists several directories that the podcast is listed upon for the user to explore.

There is some music used in the podcast and Lalita has a great voice for audio.

Lalita Amos of Like Nobody's Business Podcast
Pluses: Rapid streaming of the audio from the website, information about length and size of the file is clearly displayed along with detailed show notes about the content of the audio. Good depth of coverage of many topics.

Minuses: Not much to say here — I would like her to stop and maybe summarize her points occasionally within the podcast so I can be sure to get the key takeaways.

We recommend that you add Like Nobody’s Business to your Podcast subscription list.

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