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Podcast Review: SmallBizSurvival

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about the Podcast SmallBizSurvival

Description: This small series of Podcasts by Becky McCray may be just starting out but she is on the right track, the podcasts are focused on providing small business leadership and management advice. Becky’s podcast and her blog focus on small business in both rural and small town areas.

Comments: Each podcast is only 2-4 minutes long but each carries a great deal of content because they focus on the KEY issues a small business leader should be paying attention to.

No fancy production values (sound quality is excellent though), music inserts, commercials or radio bumpers in this podcast, just sound thinking for leaders.

Becky McCray of SmallBizSurvival

Pluses: Great content as mentioned, Becky’s outstanding speaking voice and articulation on the podcast. If you are time pressed these 2-4 minute packed snippets will be worth your time. Excellent download time and good sound clarity. Each podcast page provides links to relevant articles related to that show topic a very nice touch. Ability to subscribe to the podcast RSS feed is available.

Minuses: The website structure could make it easier to find the podcasts. The links to all available shows are near the bottom of the right hand column on the webpage. If they could be moved to the top so site visitors could find them quicker and easier it would be great. Ultimately there needs to be a page with the listing and links for listeners to gain access to archived content. Make the RSS Feed button nearer the top as well.

We recommend that you check out the SmallBizSurvival podcast and subscribe!

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