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Remember, Say It Right for Your Small Business

When you talk about your small business, make it right. Always say your talking points framed in the positive. Make only a joyful noise, especially on a radio interview. Move, act, talk positive.

Appearances are always important, but the audible is, of course, what counts on the airwaves.

This is hard to do — even world-class professionals slip into the negative.


Tony Snow at
The White House

For example, Tony Snow once goofed.

Pay attention, because it won’t happen often.



The new Presidential Press Secretary Bimbo’ed.

This is the media mistake where the interviewee repeats back the negative content from the interviewer.

Here was the headline on Drudge:

Tony Snow: People blast me because I’m too squishy…

Tony’s (rare) mistake was forgetting that the human mind cannot process a negative. Readers will only remember that Tony Snow is squishy.

Fall Hawn 1987

‘Bimbo’ comes from Merrie Spaeth at Spaeth Communications who developed this concept. Based on Fawn Hall’s difficulty while working at Oliver North’s office. And her denial before the press:

Maggot infested press jackal: Are you a bimbo?

Radiant, lovely Fawn Hall: No. I am not a bimbo.

So what does the world remember?

Fawn Hall is a bimbo.


Richard Nixon is another example. Nixon says, “I am not a crook.”

But what does the world remember? Richard Nixon is a crook.

Repeating back a negative?

Methinks the Lady doth protest too much.

Now. A good marketing campaign can turn the Bimbo to advantage. A Reverse Bimbo.

As in Thank You for Not Smoking, by Christopher Buckley.

Buckley, son of William F., parodies the brilliant tobacco marketing minds. They know that the brain will only compute,



Smoking, The Movie

That’s not so bad. The words are helpful. And compliant with the dictates of the Surgeon General. But they communicate the opposite of the stated wording. Good marketers know this. See David Sirota on attacked.

Knowing Bimbo’s will help you change your life. Even with your kids.

Remember how your mom would say, “Don’t forget your lunch!!!”

And all your little head could handle was “Forget your lunch!!!”

And obeying mom, you forgot your lunch.

From this post forth, always remember to frame (life!) in the positive.

To, “Remember your lunch.”

And this will keep your small business competitors from eating your lunch.


Full Disclosure: Mom used to work for Tony in the White House. It kept mother and daughter out of Nordstroms.

2 Responses to “Remember, Say It Right for Your Small Business”

  1. Chris Says:

    What an interesting topic. . .I will definitely remember – never repeat the negative!

  2. Anita Campbell Says:

    Thanks, Chris, for your comment.

    Yes, always phrase it positively, for positive reinforcement!


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