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Top Podcasts for July 2006

We had over 35,000 Podcast feed requests in July, that is a 25% increase over June.

Our thanks go out to our listeners and all of our terrific small business expert guests. Thank you for your support!

Here are the Top 5 Shows for July 2006: (in no particular order)

Michael Dees an President of Esecurity-Direct Protect Your Assets and IP
Guest: Michael Dees of Esecurity-Direct
Michael, a seasoned technology professional, explains how to protect your IP from theft.

Steve Kinney of SEO Success for Small Business
Guest: Steve Kinney
Do SEO right and beat your biggest competitors.

Kare Anderson of Marketing Partnerships for Faster Growth
Guest: Kare Anderson
Get your customers’ attention and grow by partnering smartly.

Steve Popovich of Cleveland International Records One American Against Sony Music
Guest: Steve Popovich of Cleveland International Records
Steve shares his story of a 40-year history of the music business and why it is important to stand up for your rights. Inspiring.

Gary Schoeniger on How to Start a Business With No Money How to Start a Business With No Money
Guest: Gary Schoeniger of
Gary Schoeniger started a business dead broke with a borrowed ladder. Soon he had a multi-million dollar business.

2 Responses to “Top Podcasts for July 2006”

  1. Chris Says:

    Congratulations on your success and thank you for providing such an informative show. I learn something new everytime I listen – and not just the basics. The show gives great detailed information and tons of resources for small business owners.

  2. Anita Campbell Says:

    Thanks, Chris, we really appreciate your kind words.

    It is encouraging. It is the kind of feedback that makes us want to bring you more programming, and continuously improve our quality.

    — Anita

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