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Podcast Review: Fireside Chat

Podcast ReviewsSeptember 25, 2006By

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about the Podcast, Fireside Chat with Lisa Haneberg.

Description: Here you will find business management podcasts and webcasts that you can download and listen to – all absolutely free.

Comments: With over 20 existing, 30 minute podcasts Lisa has a great deal of valuable content. In each podcast Lisa interviews a guest who may be an author, a consultant or business owner. She covers a wide variety of topics such as:

– Creating strong middle-management
– How to identify and harness strong leaders
– How to manage change
– How to be a role model of good focus
– and much more

Each show is well planned and organized to best use your time. Music intros are used effectively and all guests seem well prepared.

Pluses: The site is a very clean design, podcast links are obvious and the audio begins to stream and play almost immediately. RSS subscription links are front and center and each podcast has a nice summary paragraph with show information. The real strength is where it should be, in the audio content and Lisa is a good interviewer.

Minuses: There is no ability to provide comments or feedback on the podcasts. The sound quality could be better as captured phone calls can sometimes be problematic.

Overall I recommend that you give the Fireside Chat with Lisa Haneberg a listen and add it to your directory of business podcasts.

One Response to “Podcast Review: Fireside Chat”

  1. Chris Says:

    I checked out the site. You were right – the podcasts begin to play immediately, which is very nice, and the site seems to have some really valuable content.

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